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Do you know your size in Allen Edmond? I'm an 8.5D for them, but I've never had a pair of Aldens, so that info would be helpful.
Drop from 145>125 - moving soon and trying to lighten my load
DROP: 165>145
Just laid it flat and measured across. It is a pretty standard shoulder size if you're a slim 38. If you broad shoulders it won't work though.
Alright guys, here's a real gem: An unlined, 100% cotton, made in Poland APC blazer in navy. it's detailing is perfect, with patch pockets, a breast pocket, full seam taping, notch lapels, a single vent, and working cuffs. The color is a deep navy, which is decently represented in the attached photo. The blazer is in perfect condition, with absolutely no stains, tears, running seams or anything of the like. I purchased it from a Style Forum member and it's just a little...
unhemmed? either way, what's the inseam?
Possibly a stupid question. Is it just silk lining or wool/silk blend outer shell? Also - how would you describe the color? I'm looking at the pictures but sometimes flash or lighting throws it off.
What's the actual waist measurement? I'm very interested.
Is this still open?
Can you do a sleeve measurement? I'm interested in both but I'm more of a 39 short and usually where 15.5 32/33 shirts. I'm guessing these are more like a 34/35? Sorry, I'm also not familiar with the high end RL fits.
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