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Allen Edmonds: suede longwings with a commando vibram sole (8.5D) HSM houndstooth (charcoal with red overstripe) sport jacket (~42)
Slim ties (Including a nice navy pindot tie) Knit and plaid tie Textured ties
Here's a pic. The insole says Corporate Casual, which leads me to believe that the sole is a later addition. I'd still be interested to know what model it is if anyone has a clue.
I don't know who makes shoes for BR, so I can't say anything about quality, but I'd hesitate since it has a leather sole. (Plus the distressed leather upper might not wear well). At that price range, I would suggest looking into Brittish brands. Look for a studded Dainite sole, or Vibram (maybe in a commando style if you want it to look more rugged). The rubber will be much more practical for bad weather. I just got some pebble grain Alfred Sargent chukkas with a Dainite...
Found a pair of medium brown suede Allen Edmonds longwings, which would be the MacNeil model. But these have a vibram commando sole. Did they ever make them in that style or are these a later customization? They're pretty bad ass, but a size too large for me, so they'll be up on eBay when I can figure out what they are.
$400 duck boot with an exposed leather sole? That truly makes no sense. A shorter boot is fine for places that don't get much snow, but just get the standard LL Bean (or similar) version for a 10% of the cost.
Your slim fit shirts are usually spot on, but your belly button is in danger of popping out here.
After trying several other online MTM shirt makers, I finally tried Proper Cloth. I ended up with a great shirt (plus they will remake your first shirt for you even if you are the one who screws up the measurements. I had to do that and customer service was great about helping me get it right.) Happy with the shirt I got, I bought a store credit of $100 for $50 through Thrillist. Now I find that I don't really need another dress shirt at the moment. They do have some nice...
Bump and a price drop.
This is turning into something I'd expect to find on the FNB forums--bunch of old people bitching without posting any fits. Also: LOL rich people!!!!1!!$!!
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