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Donegal Tweed - Made in Ireland Blue herringbone with multicolor flecks 40L Dual vents 3 buttons Shoulder: 19 Chest: 22 Sleeve: 26 (+2) Length: 31.5
Ermenegildo Zegna sport coat in brown/charcoal houndstooth Made in Italy Measurements: Shoulder: 18 Chest: 21 Sleeve: 24.5 (+2) Length (bottom of collar): 28.5 No vents
#1: Canali 17/43 White and lavender stripes $25 shipped, CONUS Measurements: Shoulder: 22 Chest: 24.5 Sleeve: 24 Collar: 16.25 #2: Borrelli 17/43 Multi-stripe in blue and lavender $40 shipped, CONUS Measurements: Shoulder: 22.5 Chest: 26 Sleeve: 23.5 Collar: 17 Both: $60 shipped, CONUS via Priority Mail
I bought these pants from another SF member. They had been hemmed but were unworn. I hand them hemmed again and have worn them a few times, but (as much as I like the pants), they do not fit me the way I prefer. Washed in cold water and air dried twice. Note, I had one leg hemmed a quarter in. longer than the other. Price includes shipping CONUS. Payment via PayPal. Borrelli (Napoli) 98% Cotton, 2% Lycra EU 46 Waist: 16 Front rise: 10.5 Width at hem: 8 Right inseam:...
How quickly you've gone from being a long-winded bore to being a boorish windbag.
You have to sign up for the Deal Flyer. Then you'll receive an email.
I'd be curious to know where you got the buttons from. I've been wanting to do the same thing with a J Crew cardigan that I have. (I find the quality on them to be hit or miss, but they fit me better than any other brand I've found. The buttons are especially bad, though.)
No offense, but a brown odd jacket, a damaged mid-brand tweed, and used pajamas are not exactly hot items. I think your photos don't really help you either. The angles and blurriness make it difficult to get a sense of the item.
I just got these from another SF member. They are unworn except to try them on for size. Just slightly large for me. Previous owner had them hemmed with a 2" cuff. Great pants. He has kindly let me reuse the photos he took of them. Measurements are: waist: 33, rise: 10, inseam: 29.75. 2" cuffs 98% cotton - 2% elastane USPS Priority mail with Tracking included CONUS
Bought this tie a year ago and just haven't worn it very much. From the website description: "Our Mulberry Wool Solid necktie is cut from the finest Italian wool, and is handmade in New York City. The light weight Merino wool is woven in Como, Italy and finished in Biella, the wool capital of the world. Each tie is 3 inches wide and 58 inches long." The pictures give it a little bit of a purple cast, but it is definitely a deep red color. The last picture is much closer...
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