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I got the university coat last year. Very warm and durable. Got me through an Ohio winter just fine.
Did you find a 36s in-store at J. Crew or did you have to order it online? I thought they weren't being carried at the stores.
Allen Edmonds Hillsboro (Monk Strap) - 8c $0.99 starting bid or $25 BIN. Ends Wed. night. PM me with any questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jay687 Question for those who have gotten $$ back from MT, free alterations, or free shirt... what do you do to go about that?. It is all there on the website. I followed the directions (sent an email with a few photos demonstrating the problem). They offered to fix it and give me credit for the shipping on my next shirt, but I worked out a deal to get a better discount of off a couple of shirts. The customer service...
I can't decide if I should change the shoulder, arm, and bicep measurements on my next shirt from Modern Tailor. I'm mainly concerned with the areas around the armpits on the front and back. Also, not sure if the arms are too long. I know for certain that the waist is too small on my first one (that is why it's unbuttoned for the pics). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Looking for a blue OCBD. Any reports on Blue Royal Oxford v144 (which is currently on sale), Blue Plain Oxford v100, or Light Blue Oxford p203?
My wrists are slightly smaller than yours and I have found that the Central Watch nylon bands work really well. The buckle allows you to tuck under the excess strap, so you can really make them incredibly small. I'm able to set them up so that I can use one of the middle holes. The quality isn't amazing, but at $6 a piece, they are passable, and they are the first watch bands that I've actually felt comfortable wearing. I'd avoid cutting the nylon or adding new holes....
I wouldn't say the centralwatch straps are "great" quality. They're fine for the price. The striped ones seem to be more prone to fraying than the solid ones. I prefer the style over the nato strap and they are incredibly easy to change out.
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