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New pair of pants added.
Grenson captoe boots - size 7D UK, probably closest to 7.5C US - SOLD Inside: 10.5" x 3.25" Outside: 10 7/8" x 3 5/8" I'm a 7.5 D in most Allen Edmonds and these fit fine in terms of length, but are just a little too narrow in the toe box.
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You might try a Books Brothers Black Fleece OCBD. The sizing runs a little small in the sleeves and overall length. Pricier than Rugby, but they had (still have?) a 50% off sale and I picked up a BB0 and BB1 size to try out ($75 each). Can't say how they fit in the body.
Unless you have unusually long arms for someone 5'5", the arms will be too long for you. I'm 5'7" and found the body to fit alright, but the sleeves were way too long (I'm a 32) and the neck too large (I'm a 14.5). Decent quality, though, for the price.
$200 on the nose. Just sign up for the "discount club" and you'll get a $50-off voucher. Supposedly, Shipton and Heneage just resell shoes made by other British shoemakers. It is possible in some cases to figure it out, but whoever made them, these are good shoes.
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Mabitex Khaki Twill Just bought this pair off of B&S. Pants are great, but the fit isn't right for me. These are new, unhemmed, and the tags are included, but they have been hand washed, air dried, and lightly ironed in anticipation of taking them to the tailor. Actual measurements: W: 15.5 Thigh at crotch seam: 10.5 Front rise: 9 Leg opening: 7.25 SOLD.
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