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People wear their socks more than once? Ugh. Do you also just eat dinner off the same plate and take a piss in an unflushed toilet. Go find a proper sock monger and step up your game.
Same brand. Half the price. Almost went with these instead the Beans, but seemed like overkill.
Forgot to say, they run a little large. I sized down from an 8 to 7.5 and still have room for winter socks.
You might get more replies over on SW&D. I just got a pair a few weeks ago and am very happy with them. The leather isn't amazing quality, but it is very soft and the boots were comfortable immediately. I like how they look and they've become my go-to winter casual boots. They've broken in nicely and I like them even better now that they are showing some wear. (BTW wait for one of their frequent sales.)
Maybe a dumb question, but since they are out of many sizes online, could I buy a close size and later exchange for the correct one?
I'm interested in the MTM shirts. Should I just go ahead and order the shirt that is close to my measurements and contact you if I need to make adjustments? Or do I need to make arrangements in advance?
Price drop
I don't suppose there will be an XS in the sweater sizing?
Probably an extra small, but it is likely that the sleeves will be too long for you. I fall between the XS and S in J Crew and have just decided to look elsewhere for sweaters that fit better (not that I have found them at a similar price point, yet).
New Posts  All Forums: