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Just worked for me using the Border's corporate discount card on the Fitz blazer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.K Does anyone know a maker that I can get that has a size 6US. I looked at C&J and they start at 6.5. Pre-order goes live soon. Tell them what size you want.
Price drop
Watch for Mabitex cotton pants when they come up on the Buy & Sell Forum here. Can be had for between $50 and $60. Very slim and great quality. I tried a couple of pairs and couldn't handle the low rise. I have found that the Dockers Slim Tapered pants work very well for me. Of course, the quality and and fabric is not nearly as good as on the Mabitex, but they are good enough, fairly inexpensive on sale, and I like the fit.
Price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer Without stripes AND geometrics, I'm left only with textured ties in solid colors ... or with (gasp!) the Donald Trump signature look. Why are you afraid of textures and solids? You have been making great strides in your fits, but the ties consistently take away from your overall appearance. Why not master the classic ties before you venture out into more difficult territory like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer I'm starting to think that "dated" is just SF-speak for "I don't like it but can't quite figure out why." Consider about how many Hermes ties have odd, skewed, 3-D, or otherwise funhouse-like geometric patters on them, yet still sell very well and for quite a bit more money than either of the ties pictured above. I mean: the ugly olive/brown background with the busy, undulating texture and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer One is a Brooks Brothers classic (generally favored "Ëśround these parts ) and the other is a Jos A. Bank cheapie (generally despised here ). I don't think brand is necessarily very helpful in determining the aesthetic quality of necktie. Good makers can make ugly ties and low quality makers can make fine looking ties. Personally, I don't care for either of these, but the smaller pattern of the left...
People wear their socks more than once? Ugh. Do you also just eat dinner off the same plate and take a piss in an unflushed toilet. Go find a proper sock monger and step up your game.
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