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Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving If one pays attention, you notice the majority of people on SF just parrot what the other posters say... Can anyone actually quantify HOW the jacket is too short? Where SHOULD it end? What basis are you using? Relation to hands? knuckles? Entire body ratio? (Which can not be seen) For example, a year ago, reaching the knuckles was good. Then, 6 months ago reaching the knuckles was way way way too long....
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Trust me, I know what I am talking about. True.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving I'm going to let the sleeves out, as that is the only tangible modification anyone has corroborated in 36 posts. People have suggested other problems you have chosen to ignore: -breast pocket too low -jacket too short Let's add to that: excessive material around the hips. From the rear shot, it looks like the bottom of the coat flares out in a strange way. All of this would be easier to tell with...
Price drop on the blue herringbone coat. Shirt and Harris tweed sold.
Amazing seller. Great shoes here.
To me the front wings come up too far towards the upper part of the shoe and make it look cramped. The proportions seem off. However, I do like the Strand very much and am thinking about getting a pair in walnut.
I've got a charcoal and navy herringbone sport coat for sale (~38R).
Price drop.
Great seller. Super fast shipment.
What is the chest measurement on the cardigan?
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