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Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara i'm a poor college student looking to buy my first pair of dress shoes, and i'm not sure where to start, just that i like the wingtip silhouette and that i'm not interested in the 30$ walmart monstrosities that i see most people my age wearing. anyone have any recommendations on where to start? Here is what I did at first: 1) Went to a store that carried Allen Edmonds and found out what my size was in...
Measurements on the PRL?
^My 31/32 measure 16" at the waist. The inseam runs slightly short, so you might want to size up and hem them yourself. Jkhan82: The pants go down to 30" online, but they don't show up if they are sold out.
KW does MTM in the same fabric for the same price: https://www.kentwang.com/about/shirts/. No need to worry about sizes if you have a little time to wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brianpore The shoulders actually felt like they fit...maybe not? They measure 16.75 as I know not to by anything over 17 for obvious reasons. Guess I need to look for 16.5" and under. Nohio, would you mind posting a fit pic of your tweed so I can see how it should fit? Thanks If the shoulders felt right, it might have been better to keep it. Based on the pictures alone, it looked a little wide to me, but it can be...
Don't give up. Just keep checking ebay once in a while. It took me a few months to finally find a tweed that fit (I'm a 36S, too). BTW, don't look just at the chest. The shoulder measurement is even more important and these are too big for you. 36S shoulders have a wide range, but I find that 16.5" shoulder works best for me, YMMV. Just keep checking the measurments. Also, look at 35 and 34 jackets on Ebay. Maybe even 37. Like I said, the measurements vary wildly between...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton For a while I though foo was getting the worst of it with the endless comments about how one seam was 1/10 mm of and "how can you tolerate that with bespoke!!!!" But this takes the cake. I don't think it is a nitpick. I noticed the same thing in your photos and found it really jarring, especially since your fits are usually impeccable. Plus it's called a "granny" knot. Not cool. Tie your shoes like a man.
Is there anywhere besides the Hanger Project that sells hangers in small sizes (e.g. <16")?
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving If one pays attention, you notice the majority of people on SF just parrot what the other posters say... Can anyone actually quantify HOW the jacket is too short? Where SHOULD it end? What basis are you using? Relation to hands? knuckles? Entire body ratio? (Which can not be seen) For example, a year ago, reaching the knuckles was good. Then, 6 months ago reaching the knuckles was way way way too long....
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Trust me, I know what I am talking about. True.
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