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I'd say it runs slightly small, which is what I like about it. A small cardigan at Brooks Brothers is too large for me and some of the J Crew XS are too small. I've found that the quality is better at Rugby than J Crew, as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by GargleBlaster nohio, what did you do in the end? Going back to MTM even though I can't get a collar as good on the BB.
I found the ESF shirts tight in the chest, too (but large in the shoulders). I tried sizing up in the neck, but while the chest fits well, the neck and shoulders are much wider. I then tried the slim fit, but the sleeves are very blousey, the shoulders are still to large, and there is way too much excess fabric at the waist. I think you will find that if you size up in the neck, the shoulders will be even wider.
The pants at Epaulet in NY (not the jeans) all come with 12.5" rise. That is a relatively high rise to me (but I'm fairly short.)
^You are just completely misreading the situation based on your strange ideas about the meaning of the Tom Ford brand and some non-existent subtext being communicated to the American people. Google "Michelle Obama Tom Ford" and you will find an entire page of American news and blog links praising her for the choice of her dress, how nice she looked, and how well she represented America abroad. If anything, the people who actually know who Tom Ford is like her choice of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Loathing TF is a brand about sex and luxury and excess, so if you're claiming to be all about "hope & change" (as Obama is), how can you let your wife shop excessively at brands which cater to people who are doing everything they can to counter change? Either he cuts the empty rhetoric and says what he actually intends, or his wife stops spending hundreds of thousands on clothes, otherwise he looks & his wife look like...
I'll go against the grain and suggest that it looks like the tailor would have to take in the sides several inches for it fit you. This might not be possible, and if possible, it could look very odd since the width will still be wide at the chest. The sleeves will also be hard to alter since the fasteners at the cuff will have to be moved up and the mark from where they were will be visible in the fabric. Still, if it was cheap and you like it. Take it to a tailor and see...
The corporate discount only works on full priced items (although it once in a while will work on special deals like this one.) When I tried it just now, it did not stack with the special price. Link to sign up for the discount.
Having used both, I would definitely recommend MyTailor. The reliability and quality of the construction is miles ahead of Modern Tailor, regardless of the fabric.
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