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It looks pretty good. Make your decisions based on how it feels. From the pictures, it looks like the cuffs might be too wide for your wrists (but this might be your preference) and the sleeves might be a little short (depends on where you like your jacket sleeves to end.) The sleeves also seem a little full, but you might want them that way if you use your arms a lot during the day. There looks like some bunching fabric in the back which might be fixed by reducing the...
Don't listen to this.
Congrats. You appear to have grown 10 years younger (instead of older) since then. Coat really flatters you, but I think you could do with a little more taper in the pants.
Bump and a price drop.
You need to wash it a few times, iron it, and wear it with proper dress pants for your picture in order to judge how it fits. Also, you'll want to wear it several times so you can figure out if it is comfortable or not.
They also have pretty detailed measurements on the BB website.
Sport shirts or dress shirts? I'm XS (not slim) at J Crew. (The slim fit is just a little too tight for me). I find that the Extra slim BB sport shirts fit in S fit about the same (maybe slightly slimmer), but with higher armholes and less blousey sleeves. I'm usually a 14.5 in dress shirts, but an ESF BB in 14.5 is too tight in the chest for me. If I size up to 15, the chest is fine, but the waist is a little big. The slim fits are not slim at all, but if you have a broad...
Dark Grey Alfani Slim Fit Suit: 36S 100% Wool Side vents on jacket, non-functional buttons Flat front Pants (note: light patch on pants in photo is due to the sun coming through the trees) My go-to suit for the couple of times a year I needed one for a while, but I just got a new one, so off this one goes. Let me know if you have any questions. Measurements: Shoulder: 17.5 Chest: 19.5 Waist: 18.5 Sleeve (from shoulder): 24 Length (from bottom of collar):...
Brown Harris Tweed, 36S Center vent, leather-wrapped buttons Tag: Planteen & Krogh Traditional Menswear Pretty straight-forward. I got it second hand, but it doesn't show much wear. Had a hard time finding one with slim shoulders, but I don't need to wear jackets for my job anymore. Let me know if you have any questions. Measurements: Shoulder: 17 Chest: 19.5 Waist: 19 Sleeve (from shoulder): 23.5 Length (from bottom of collar): 28.5 Shipping with tracking via USPS to...
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