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Do you also box them or do you just send them in the bag? (I've been sending shirts and ties in the smaller poly bags and it works really well.)
Didn't occur to me until just now to search "dry cleaner bags." Indeed, sold everywhere. Buying around 350 at a time brings the price down to around 17 cents per bag, but its a big investment up front.
Yeah, I'd rather not use the USPS bags. I assumed that the 12 x 15 wouldn't expand enough to fit the coat without crushing it. I might try some 14.5 x 19 poly bags. I was hoping to find large, clear plastic bags like the ones dry cleaners use.
I've started shipping sportcoats using USPS Priority Regional Rate Box A (great tip, BrianPore), but right now, I'm just packing them with tissue paper. I'd like to have some kind of protective plastic bag around them, but I'm not finding anything that looks good in regular packing supplies. Any recommendations?
PM sent
Nice pair of shell cordovan Nettlleton longwings 10C.
Big price drop
Price drop
Great looking shoes, but they just don't fit very well into my wardrobe. 6 UK ~ 7 US Dark brown suede with reddish undertone Goodyear welted Made in Northamptom, England (purportedly by Cheaney) Shipped for free via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance Link to a similar (not the same color) shoe on the S&H website
There is 1.75" to let out on the sleeve (non-functional buttons).
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