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PM sent
The AEs are definitely shell. 2193 is the code for that model.
A first for me: Alden shell Bluchers Passed on some Bruno Magli heels. I don't know enough about women's shoes to know if they are worth it or not.
Don't give up on those cuff links. Just try bigger photos and a larger font with more exclamation points.
HOWARD YOUNT Made in Italy - Dark Gray Herringbone Suit - Slim 38 or 36
Now on eBay. Ends Sunday:
My first Hermes. Hot pink. Can anyone tell if it is legit? There is a small flaw on the front and the tip is a little off center. Available if anyone wants it.
Looking for a black sport coat or tux in 38S (shoulders under 18"). I have lots of stuff to trade, also willing to pay.
I don't know if affected the final price, but the listing looks bad. Comic sans (mixed with at least 3 different fonts)? Also, the formatting is very wide so that I can't fit the entire page on my screen. I would suggest just making it more simple or doing a major upgrade to a professional looking format.
Last drop
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