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I think Bill Yao / Mk II began taking preorders on the "Project 300" back in 2009!! And his Omega SM300 homage is still not in production yet -- 4.5 years later! Yao does appear to be active on his online forum though -- so I guess the watch is still being designed.
Found this wrist shot of a Watchco SM300 online:
Very nice.
Can you post pics to the model references you are talking about? The Polerouter Sub was face-lifted many times. I assume you are referring to the 60s divers that had the elapsed time moved from the bezel to under the acrylic crystal, with tiny dress watch hands? While this may be a differentiator to an SM300, it's arguably not a good one.
Please post pics of your SM300 big triangle! There are rumors that Watchco may be closing up shop. I have no idea is this is true. Watchco put a lot of stuff on sale recently on ebay and appear to be dumping their parts inventory. So the Watchco SM300s may become scarce. If so, this may result in prices for both the unrestored vintage SM300s and the Watchco SM300s increasing in price in coming years due to increasing scarcity.There is a guy named Bill Yao, owner of...
Found this picture online of a new 2012 Rolex Sub. It looks like Rolex really inflated the lugs on their new cases? I guess they are trying to make their watches look bigger while maintaining the same 40mm bezel diameter? What do you guys think of these new Rolex cases?
A great SM300 photo by a guy named mrsnak:
It should be noted that the "sword hands" in the SM300 above were innovated by Omega in the 1960s. Ironically, one of the most sought after Rolex Subs are the 1970s models that mimic the 1960s Omega sword hands. Note also how the 1970s Sub below also mimics the 1960s Omega SM300 seconds sweep hand.
Again, not my photos, but more shots of SM300, this time on 1171 bracelet. It's all brushed and has a vintage taper, unlike newer Omega bracelets:
Here's some SM300 Watchco lume shots (not my photos):
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