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May I suggest Bonobos. Check them out at www.bonobos.com. Made here in the US
My favorite pair of casual loafers are my Ferragamos, they have only patina'd well with age, the leather is quality the workmanship sufficient and they have help up to the occasional 2-mile walk to and from home/work without a hiccup. I look forward to the day when I have the soles re-done, it will be like having a new pair of shoes. My Prada's see infrequent wear, probably because they are black loafers and secondly because the leather quality is not up to snuff IMO.
Wait, I think we're missing an opportunity here.. Is the wedding outside? Do you know if the groom is going formal? i.e black tux etc, if it is a relatively casual wedding outside in the sun then you can use some creative leeway in wearing a lighter suit, light grey, or tan, to spruce things up a bit. If daytime and outdoors try a tan suit (if you have one) with a light pink shirt and summer colored solid tie with white pocket square to spruce things up a bit. I like...
Just curious if anyone ever bought these?
This looks like a great deal, especially for those looking to get a pair of rebuildable shoes at a intro price.
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