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This bag looks fantastic IMO. Who makes it though? Thoughts? Love the gold hardware on the canvas and leather. Just hope it isn't like $3k.
I was at Woodbury Commons a week ago and they had a 38 RLBL at the RL store on a mannequin in a dark charcoal/ black with very fine pinstripes. I think it was 899 with 30% off but could have been 899 and no discount. Can't really remember.
Quote: Originally Posted by eHaberdasher Thanks for posting, guys. Yes, we were more recently made aware of this issue, although we have found that it only seems to affect minority in varying degrees, with the OP's the very worst we've ever seen by far. We have already been working on an updated model to correct this... This issue does not occur on myself, nor any others who tried it on before I signed off on production, unfortunately. While the...
Who makes the suit? Canvassed? Who did you get it from?
Quote: Originally Posted by csoukoulis I find the one in Allen to have consistently better prices/items then the Grapevine one. But its been a while since i've gone to the grapevine one. I have found the opposite to be the case (over the last year or so.) Grapevine always has some decent stuff (except shoes.... They need better shoes.)
Someone on SF said (and i have noticed as well) the Rack trees are essentially the seconds of the regular Nordstrom trees. They will typically have more knots and pits in the wood, but I believe they share the same hardware. Either way, I typically stock up on the regulars during Nordy's sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo Just checked, definitely fused. Gotcha. Thanks!! Did you go up there and check?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo Just about to say that. They're generally short and I think fused. Interesting. It fit pretty slim, but not bad. The fabric felt great and also had working cuffs. Seemed decently constructed; but not sure about it being fused or canvased. I literally can not find a single thing on them online.
Just called and it is "Movimento" Can't find anything on Google about them. Anyone know if these are any good?
Something similar to Montefino I think (but it wasnt Montefino I don't believe, just similar in name to that.)
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