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she would be a cabinet member in italy.
that's average? i'm 32 in jeans, 5'10, 165 lbs, 38R, 9 1/2 10ish in shoes. i can wear the samples so i'm happy to get free clothes.
rachel mcadams is my reese witherspoon
single reversed pleats w/ cuff. that was what was on my first really good suit (st.andrews) 4 years ago and haven't changed since.
it's hard! i'd say don't bother if you're in a rush everyday. maybe weekends or date night. i also have a braun cruzer and don't really use it. maybe try a norelco.
i forgot about miller harris cuir d'oranger for orange and leather.
sorry jgold i've got nothing to swap. i have this nasty habit of using 1 cologne until i finish it whether it's out of season or not. hence, i've never been able to build a wardrobe in the past years i've been buying scents. it's also the reason i'm still using london in the heat lol! MC, i didn't like Mugler and Rive Gauche. I do like azzaro ph. in fact i'm thinking of buying it again. which do you like better Azzaro Pour Homme or Prada Ambre Pour Homme?
try azzaro silver black it has a little bit modern dn vibe
i'm wearing burberry london but man am i bored with it. what do you guys think of prada amber ph? is it really barbershop? i saw a tester of it and thought maybe i should buy a new cologne. if not that i'll have to wait for the sales since i am a cheap man.
would you rec that for a first suit or more of a third when the pattern is tweaked a bit?
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