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Stitchy wants everything.
Nice coat, but this thread belongs in the Classified - Classic Menswear Section, not here.
Includes shoes?
I like the color. The jacket looks too short and the sleeves are a tad too short. Find a good tailor and let them make suggestions.
+1. Kick ass suit, very jealous. Secretly, I hope you sell it, as it would fit me perfectly.
+2.There are thousands of photos of well fitting suits on this forum for reference. If you want an opinion on your suit, you will need to provide photos.
I have a weird feeling Spoo is counting you not being the only one......
You are a grown man and you need at least one suit. You might not wear it a lot, but you will have business functions, weddings, funerals, fund raising events, in addition to your upcoming interviews, and will need a basic, simple suit for that eventually. You could wait, or go ahead and bite the bullet now. If you decide to get a suit, spend enough to get a decent suit that will last you a while. If you go the cheap route, you will just need to replace it. Don't try...
Is this the new CA?
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