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The suit button looks like it's hanging on for dear life - consider letting it out a bitThe shirt collar is very, very bad, you need a new shirtSearch for Wedding ties, or at least look in the CBD thread for good ideas, both of your are not good.As was mentioned, your photos will live on for a long time, don't do something you will regret.
If your job required CBD and your worst crime is wearing suits that fit, you should be fine, no need to "dumb it down." Just be sure not to get too flashy with your shoes and ties. And no PS. But if your suits are super slim or "fashiony" looking, that could be a problem. If the suit is too slim is can stop being CBD. Post a photo if you want opinions.
+1. Almost anything will go, but avoid bright reds.
I don't really like it. I have no idea of the quality of construction, but VBC is generally good cloth. I would look at linen or cotton (or blend) for a summer SC. If you want wool, a hopsack or fresco. I would look for patch pockets as well.
This is always good advice, just make sure it is a specialty shop with a good reputation. Even your typical Nordstrom will fit you about as well as you could yourself online, even as a noob. Outlets and most dept stores are not reliable for getting a good fit.You would be better off getting a Kent Wang trial suit and paying a good tailor to write down the adjustments needed for the suit he makes for you.
HF is meh, the deal is meh. HF quality Solid, but you can do better. For $461, you can get a similar HF from Sierra Trading Post. If you like it and it fits great, then it's really what you feel comfortable with. You can also get a nice...
Easy. You should still be on your Attolini honeymoon, not out chasing booty so soon.
You are going to need to provide some context with your work environment and what you wear. The key is to get something of quality construction that fits your feet. But if you don't even want to spend $200, then there's probably not much hope. Perhaps you can find a great deal on a used pair of something of quality. But make sure the last/size will fit your foot.
At the risk of going off topic, what do you wear if you don't have a full rig? Or do you just not attend, despite the face that many, many others will likely be in suits as well.
You really should read a lot here before you buy anything else. You can do much, much better.
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