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Signing up for the grey Still Life trousers! The Film and Conservation coats look great, but I already have a Memory and a Wick/hidden placket coat variant from Furever...
Cruvoir is also doing preorders. Some new pieces and... pillows?
Stephan Schneider Rock coat from FW 2014 in the best grey fabric This is a fantastic coat that's gotten me through the previous winter in NYC. Unfortunately, I've lifted too many weights, and now my shoulders have gotten too big. Take advantage of my mistake, and get yourself what is arguably the best iteration of the Stephan Schneider hooded coat. Condition It was worn often last winter, so it's definitely not in mint condition. However, I've taken great care of it, so...
A nice light jacket from COS with interesting snap fastening buttons. Lightly worn, and should be useful once autumn arrives. See original item at COS. Although it is tagged US 44, it fits more like a smaller US 42. Measurements: 18" s2s 23" p2p 29" down back $100 shipped within US. If you live elsewhere, we can set something up.
Lightly worn Epaulet Doyle jacket in French blue. Measurements provided by Epaulet: 19" s2s 22" psp 29" back length $125 shipped within US. If you live somewhere else, we can set something up.
Neat heavier weight cardigan from Stephan Schneider in near perfect condition. It should fit a US 42 pretty well. Measurements: 19" s2s across front 23" p2p 21" hem 26.5" down middle of back $150 shipped within US (based in NYC). If you live abroad, please contact me and we can set something up.
Edit: Now accepting potential trades! You know what this is. I acquired it NWT from another user near the end of winter, so I only got to wear it a few times. It's in virtually perfect condition. It would be a great fit for a US 42. $650 shipped within US (based in NYC) or trade for something(s) of comparable value. Let me know what you have to offer! If you live abroad, please contact me and we can figure something out.
Some nice stuff on Notre now as well
Just to add another data point, I'm a 9.5 in Converse and Clarks Desert Boots and went with 43 for a good, not snug fit without any extra insoles. I believe my feet are slightly wide.
Just bought this, but I didn't size it properly. I would say that the measurements from the original listing are accurate except for the shoulders. My measurement of the shoulders across the front was more like 18 inches. It's 19 inches across the back of the shoulders. Should be a good fit for a US40/EU50. Original posting: Purchased by original owner from a Schneider stocksale in Oct. 2012, still in excellent condition, very light pilling near right pocket. Good for...
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