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Just bought this, but I didn't size it properly. I would say that the measurements from the original listing are accurate except for the shoulders. My measurement of the shoulders across the front was more like 18 inches. It's 19 inches across the back of the shoulders. Should be a good fit for a US40/EU50. Original posting: Purchased by original owner from a Schneider stocksale in Oct. 2012, still in excellent condition, very light pilling near right pocket. Good for...
Stephan Schneider Burhead trousers in black, size 7. They are unworn and still have all their tags. These should work for pants sizes from maybe 32 to 36 owing to the elastic waistband. Waist (aligned): 16" across relaxes, stretches to 18" Thigh: ~12.5" across Front rise: 11" Inseam including the knit cuff comes out to be about 38" inches. $210 shipped to US or Canada
Added length and sleeve length measurements
Stephan Schneider Rock coat, size VII $765 shipped within the US Super nice wool coat made of an awesome, warm fabric. The hood does make for an amazing drape. It's pretty much brand new. I only wore it a few times indoors before realizing that the big heavy wool coat thing isn't really me. That, and I don't think the Rock coat was ever meant to be the kind of big overcoat I had envisioned. Shoulders - 19" P2P - 23" Length - 33" down center of back from base of...
I'm 6'1"
I've bought this off of Ebay, but the jacket is just an inch or two too short for me. The jacket is from last year's collection and, as far as I can tell, in excellent condition. I'm 42 in jackets and wear medium in J. Crew tops, and feel that the jacket is pretty true to size. Spiewak makes excellent winter jackets, and this is no exception. I just wish it was a hair longer. Let me know if you're interested! Edit: Forgot to mention, that's $55 shipped within the US
gotta study up on my obscure orgo to compete with the master's level candidates at the interview at a columbus, oh company on monday
You should probably apply to both, and maybe more too.
Would resoled Clarks beeswax DBs be close enough, haha. I saw this posted in the Clarks DB thread a while back.
Our school had no grad students, so us undergrads did all the research. I've worked for the same organometallic lab for almost 2 years, so I hope I know a bit more than nothing. I realize I have a shitload more to learn, though.Last fall, at the Boston ACS meeting, my labmates and I met a grad student from the lab we unknowingly scooped. She was pretty mad that she got scooped by undergrads.
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