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I can help proxy the NYC Five story off site sale - if interested, shoot me a message Last day seems to be today Thanks!
I can assist with this, my fees are on my website but feel free to shoot me a message. Thanks!
Is the outlet now closed?
Hello, Has anyone ever used a proxy to purchase something from France/Italy and can they advise on who could possibly provide such a service. I'd like to purchase some leather goods as a gift (Handbags/wallets) etc. and given the USD/EUR, the going rate there seems extremely economical with bags costing up to 20% less than in NY. Thanks!
Looking to buy new/used items in size 36/34. thanks!
Are the saks/barneys/bergdorfs current markdowns fairly decent? Or is the final markdown significantly cheaper but definitely more picked over?
Looking to buy new/used items. Thank You!
Selling the following APC x Kanye Items Navy Hooded Sweatshirt XS - $249 Gray Hooded Sweatshirt XS - $249 T-Shirt - $129 Size 28 Jeans - $219 Please inquire with any questions. Thank You
Looking to purchase suitsupply suiting in size 36. Thanks!
I've updated our service with a new basic site in my signature. Thanks!
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