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I'm currently in Rome and while the prices are still quite reasonable as opposed to the US, I've heard there is a Ferragamo/Zegna/Valentino outlet in Castelo Roma. Unfortunately we're a bit pressed on time and only have about 2 hours to spare there. Can anyone provide some insight into if these outlets are worth the trip? Any insight on prices and selection would be fantastic. I'd mostly be looking for classic shoes, loafers, ties, and perhaps some women's shoes. Thanks!
Could anyone advise onto where I can still purchase these and perhaps how they fit? Looking for a 9.5 Is there an MMM thread on SF? MMM 3M Python Mid or Lows
Hello, Due to the lack of a recent thread, could anyone provide an update unto shopping for menswear in rome. I would also be interested in any discounted outlets available. Any tips on shopping areas and stores would be much appreciated! I would also be very interested in some MTM shirts. Are there any reputable makers that would have prices ~$80 per shirt? Thanks
Hello all, I recently lost an auction for a decently priced, high-end watch which ended at about 40% off current 2nd hand value (Total price around $4,400) I emailed the seller, with 6 feedback and could not find any information on, in case the buyer didn't pay. The buyer in fact did not pay and the seller reached back out saying I could have it. He has sent the paypal invoice to my email, in which I would intend on paying with a credit card with significant purchase...
Interested in purchasing some second hand suitsupply. Please pm me! Thanks
If anyone would be interested in selling some size 36 or small items please do let me know. Thanks
If anyone happens to have any size 34/36 or small items they are looking to unload - please let me know. Thanks!
Can anyone advise on what they have seen in the outlets in terms of tech fleece stuff? It seems some aeroloft pieces are showing up on the bay for ~$150 and am wondering if outlets have started carrying them.
Are sample sales usually pretty infrequent this time of year?
What passport holder/card holder do you use as a travel wallet? I'd like to keep a wallet hand to hold my passport and any lounge access cards that I use at airports. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: