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Good ol' unfiltered Lucky Strikes in the soft pack are still relatively widely available. I picked up a pack in January at a gas station near Waterloo, NY. They were about $8.50.
Quote: Originally Posted by cgardel You should go ask this question at Ask Andy About Clothes, the Trad forum. The timing would be great too. Why so?
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 I usually wear a 15.5, and a Small fits my neck comfortably. For what it's worth, I am 6'1 with long arms (I usually take 15-15.5/34) and the small sports shirts are the best-fitting OTR shirt that I've found (37" chest/155 lbs). I'll try to post fit pics at some point. I picked up three and I'm very satisfied with them. Dammit! I was really hoping that I'd be able to wear a tie with this one. Ah well... I...
Has anybody ordered the button-down oxford shirt under the "Sport Shirts" section in size Small? If so, could you please post a neck measurement?
I started wondering after I saw this picture: Do preppies smoke? Or is it now considered one of those awful lower-class habits? And if they do smoke, what brand? (Obviously not Newport.)
These went to clearance on the RL website at the end of last summer for about $600. Really wish I'd bought one. I take the (apparently scarce) size 36R in RLBL. Pic is attached. Price will have to be less than $600, which I suspect isn't a problem on this forum. :P
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow I can't even tell what's so F.U. about those. They just look old with a mirror shine. I think his point was that they're patched: http://asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com/...hed-shoes.html Thereby signifying that the wearer doesn't care about the perceptions of the onlooker. I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by trader I got the barker black wallace in suede at HR last call. They were 825 and I paid 240 after taxes. They still have a pair, as well as the ones in your first post but in white. I don't consider them F.U. though cause they look like shoes you can get at Feet First. Do you remember what size(s) the white bone-bit loafers were?
FWIW, I have about five Ralph Lauren polos and only one Lacoste. But I wish I had more Lacoste. I take the smallest size I can find, and the Lacoste size 2 is trimmer than the RL custom fit Small. The fabric does feel nicer on a Lacoste polo, but the biggest difference is on the collar: I find the Lacoste collar has held up to wear much better than the RL collars. The RL start to get stiff and lose their suppleness over time. I haven't had that problem with Lacoste...
I can't remember the retail - it was a while ago - but knowing Holt's pricing, it was probably something like $600 or more. I'm sure if you called the Bloor st store, they could tell you. Mind you, I think they were down in the neighbourhood of $200 at the outlet, so if you're anywhere near Toronto, it might be worth checking it out to see if they happen to have any at the moment. http://vaughanmills.shopping.ca/retr...766&mallid=vgm Despite what others have said, I like...
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