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I know the E90 M3 does not have the greatest aesthetic design but for now I still gravitate towards it over this new M3/M4...Just too goofy looking in the front. As such I can't bring myself to like it right now, perhaps later. So Jet, why would you choose this over an E90 M3 (note didn't mention E92 M3 since I prefer the sedan, of course you might prefer the coupe). Just want to hear your thoughts...
Condolences to Paul Walker and company as well as the teens....
I bought this years ago from BIG and just realize I never wore it all this time. Made in Japan, this is a spring season scarf. I shipped UPS Ground free in the lower 48 states. Cheers!
Congrats! I went with my sis a few months ago to get an IS and experienced the same thing. Needless to say I dragged her out, next month we will be buying a new car via the internet and have it delivered. Less headache and time that way.
Just passed one an hour ago, model S is super boring. I'll take a Panamera any day over the Tesla Model S. The Tesla is pretty popular in Sofla, even Whole Foods have charging stations for them.
No, they appeared sleeker, I believe you said SS2014, I might just have to go search that baller boots thread. They were gorgeous and fit my aesthetic...thanks anyway....
Brad, a few months ago you posted some black boots in the baller thread (msrp you claimed to be around a G)...can't recall if they were side zips or not. link request please...thanks.
This fits very slim, worn once years ago since I live in Sofla, waste of space in my wardrobe. Back in the days there was a frenzy getting these from Japan since they fit slim. I''m a suit size 36R and it fitted fine at the time. Selling at 90 shipped UPS Ground in the 48 states only. Arm pit to armpit: aproximately 20" Shoulder across: aprox. 16.5 inches Note: This fits a US small...I'm 5'11 147LBS and this fits me...use this as a guide.... Cheers!
Price drop, now 50 shipped. Must go, too tight for my muscular arms. That's what happens when things are stacked away in drawers.
3rd price drop now 170 shipped. PM for details, these are in excellent condition, one strap missing from one; this is something you won't notice. Retail was $400 on these last Fall.
New Posts  All Forums: