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Another vote for Roberto Collina, his knits are exquisite.....
I know the E90 M3 does not have the greatest aesthetic design but for now I still gravitate towards it over this new M3/M4...Just too goofy looking in the front. As such I can't bring myself to like it right now, perhaps later. So Jet, why would you choose this over an E90 M3 (note didn't mention E92 M3 since I prefer the sedan, of course you might prefer the coupe). Just want to hear your thoughts...
Condolences to Paul Walker and company as well as the teens....
I bought this years ago from BIG and just realize I never wore it all this time. Made in Japan, this is a spring season scarf. I shipped UPS Ground free in the lower 48 states. Cheers!
Congrats! I went with my sis a few months ago to get an IS and experienced the same thing. Needless to say I dragged her out, next month we will be buying a new car via the internet and have it delivered. Less headache and time that way.
Just passed one an hour ago, model S is super boring. I'll take a Panamera any day over the Tesla Model S. The Tesla is pretty popular in Sofla, even Whole Foods have charging stations for them.
No, they appeared sleeker, I believe you said SS2014, I might just have to go search that baller boots thread. They were gorgeous and fit my aesthetic...thanks anyway....
Brad, a few months ago you posted some black boots in the baller thread (msrp you claimed to be around a G)...can't recall if they were side zips or not. link request please...thanks.
This fits very slim, worn once years ago since I live in Sofla, waste of space in my wardrobe. Back in the days there was a frenzy getting these from Japan since they fit slim. I''m a suit size 36R and it fitted fine at the time. Selling at 90 shipped UPS Ground in the 48 states only. Arm pit to armpit: aproximately 20" Shoulder across: aprox. 16.5 inches Note: This fits a US small...I'm 5'11 147LBS and this fits me...use this as a guide.... Cheers!
Price drop, now 50 shipped. Must go, too tight for my muscular arms. That's what happens when things are stacked away in drawers.
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