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I crashed into this thread two weeks ago and saw Jet's rec on magnesium, ordered this afternoon from Amazon. I don't sleep well at all so hopefully this works for me. Thanks all for your contributions.
I spoke with him via email last year about doing a grey suede size zips, I'm suppose to send him some pictures...gotta get to doing that now.
I got this from last season and wore it once last month. It's pretty warm for being non-wool. I have to let this go because it's too big. it fits like a medium. Price includes shipping in the USA via USPS Priority mail. Measurements are difficult to asses due to nature of the fabric, approximate measurements are as follows: Pit to pit 20.5 inches Length 26
I decided to part ways with this cardigan, bought on sale from SW and it is just too big for me, this is a medium according to them and i would say it fits a true medium. Tried on once and it just won't work for me so i'm letting it go. Rough measurements are as follows; also note, i measured this like a dress shirt...Shipping is free in the USA via USPS Priority Mail. pit-pit 21 inches Shoulder across 17 inches Length 27.5 inches
I just kopped slp hi-tops today via farfetch, white, with black/red accents version, sold all my cp's ,last pair sold in April, also have the SLP lows on gum sole in the same colorway from last Fall.No more sneakers for me. Ps. Jet, you're lying, i bet you have lots of grail sneakers stashed away somewhere...
^ Kopped a pair of the Carmina wholecut..should serve as my formal dress shoes....thanks! Will wait for next month drops for clothing purchases...
^ Ditto! Just checked on SLP stuff...no sales...
Does anyone know if sneakerboy does a BF sale? I need some SLP's high tops that i can't find anywhere else....
How does the +J pants fit in a size 30; is the quality acceptable? I need some cheap decent pants for work.
BBF are not slimmer than GV per my observations, I've only tried on 1 GV and sold it, it was xsm and a little too tight. I wear BBF shirts for work purposes, all OCBD in BB1 which is like a 15 in dress shirts. I still had to get them all slimmed down. They felt like a medium to me, I would guess I would wear a small in GV.
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