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Best fit off the rack for me is Kamakura slimfit OCBD; still Uniqlo's are great considering the price even after tailoring. No experience with CM. I will also say Uniqlo's are no worse fitting than BBBF which i still had to get tailored and those aren't cheap. My default for work is Uniqlo currently; will give CM a try. BBBF and Kamakura does use better quality fabric though, i prefer their cloth.
Another vote for gray suede boot preferably Jodhpurs boots...
This is what i use for deodorant, it works, though i might switch back to kiss my face since i don't really like stick due to residue; nonetheless this stuff works;:http://smile.amazon.com/Green-Tidings-Deodorant-Protection-Unscented/dp/B00EOG5XTE/ref=pd_bia_nav_t_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=06SDY29C1TB8947X6P6R
It amazes me that people still get excited about CP's in 2015....
What about a trip for the Sf underground posse, guys like NN and Synth are resident celebrities here; spread the love...
Discovered this yesterday while browsing and place my order..
NOW 185USD shipped.
Willing to accept a trade on a stark, size small....
I have a question on the RG grey jeans fit in size 46; how does it compare to BigJ size 29 I got from you?
I crashed into this thread two weeks ago and saw Jet's rec on magnesium, ordered this afternoon from Amazon. I don't sleep well at all so hopefully this works for me. Thanks all for your contributions.
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