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@Uncontrol ... I couldn't wear it, but I love that fit. A genuine breath of fresh air amidst the play-safe stagnancy that seems to hallmark this place (and of which I'm also guilty!)
Dunno if Uniqlo Japan has different stock to its foreign branches, but this Summer they have some very nice S\\S BDs in the same pattern as Ben Sherman, just a "tighter" check (if you know what I mean?). The only prob OTR is that they're too long to wear untucked, so a trip to the tailors is necessary. But for 2990 Yen, they're hard to beat IMO.
FTB: I'm sure that's not what the OP meant at all. With some shirts, even when you unbutton the top two buttons, the shirt still appears - or sits? - as if it were still buttoned. I have a lot of slim-fit Ben Sherman shirts and they're all like that. All he wants (I'm sure) is for the collar to open a "bit" to show a V, much like in Matt's most recent WAYWT pic (just the most recent example), or like your latest WAYWT pic (though it looks like your shirt has some...
I know what the OP means. It's pretty easy. I do this with all my Ben Shermans. Just hang them very close together in your closet and "spread" the collar of each shirt before pushing it up against the back of the adjacent shirt . You don't get any wierdass "flared" collar effect doing this, just a natural "open" collar.
Oh well, for what it's worth (from one noob to another), I think sp4rki looks very sexy and the hair style suits him dead on. No, I'm not that way inclined. I'm thoroughly secure in my heteroflexibility... Nah, I'm just jealous 'cause I'm limited to shaving my scalp every day ...
OK, this is honestly the first time I've seen a pair of jeans standing up on their own. I just didn't know they could ... do that.
Berlin, you consistently look good, IMO. You have a sophisticated and mature look to you and really look like you feel "at home" in the clothes you wear.
Whodini: Who makes that tie? I've never seen anything like it
Splurged on another Takeo Kikuchi "manbag" this afternoon: Heavy waxed cotton with magnetic closure and no visible branding. Very similar style to a brown leather one I have from the same make, but this is a fair bit bigger. Front Open
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Nice jacket, what is it? I picked it up at Gap in Nagoya Saturday PM ... I "suddenly" needed a jacket as I was downtown in a shirt, the weather turned but I couldn't be arsed going home to get one. First Gap item I've ever bought as I don't usually like anything they have, but I REALLY liked this and the fit's spot on in medium.
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