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Right now I'm obsessed with Brandy's "Human" album and Keegan DeWitt.
I only watch on BBC America but each time I catch it, I can't help but watch. I'm sure things make sense if you watch episodes in chronological order but I get a kick out of it no matter which episode it is.
I have always been a James Bond fan. Started with Pierce but I have to admit that Daniel Craig in "Casino Royale" is quite brilliant. I think after some time, James Bond became a bit stale and I really got into the Bourne series so with Craig and the reboot of the series...you get my drift.
I've met Tinsley and it's so weird because in person she's smoking but for some reason she looks old on this show! I stopped watching after the 2nd episode. They're rich but motherFUCK do they come off as incredibly stupid.
I'm currently reading "The Unnamed" by Joshua Ferris. Trying to finish it ASAP to quickly read Anna David's "Bought" and Tom Dolby's "The Trouble Boy" before summer comes. Taking a Literature class where I'll be reading tons more in like a month.
Tried watching "Shattered Glass" last night. I fell asleep about 10 minutes in though. Will try and rewatch again soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by bakatora In need of a blazer.. thoughts on these? they're both made of spring/summer weight materials.. the second is obviously more casual than the other, but I don't know much about choosing blazers and sport coats, and where I live + the setting I would wear it in have casualness as a non-issue for now. Feel free to point me in a different direction! TIA I actually quite like the one on the left! It's...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician I mean I know these boots were posted like 2 years ago but good GOD are they orgasmic.
I went to a performing arts school [Fame? No but we got the comparisons] and the teachers varied in what they wore. The history teacher was always in trousers and a tie, the dance teacher constantly wore clothes comfortable enough to dance in, the art teacher was a young woman who worked at Express and Banana throughout college so her wardrobe reflected that. It depends I suppose! If you don't have to wear a tie, you can probably get away with jeans as long as they're...
I actually don't see too huge a problem with wearing a desert boot in a business casual environment. As someone already mentioned, it does depend on your actual job. You may be able to slip them on without many people giving you a second glance but if everyone's staring at your feet...you might want to leave the boots at home.
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