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What Toj model is it? Almost identical to my A.P.C jacket here :
Bought this A.P.C jacket online and it's too small for me. Return costs are too expansive and the delays are too long. It's a size large, brand new with tags, unworn! retail price on apc store is 790$ US before shipping! 600$ USD shipped and it's yours! it's sold out almost everywhere! I'm in canada (north america only)
haha well it wasn't THAT bad! had a tee underneat. Just my face! it's 30 outside so it's not the best time to try a wool/leather jacket! My arms were clean my arms were clean!
Returning it would probably cost me around 50$ of shipping. They don't seem to have xlarge size left. (I emailed them, waiting for an answer). Ah the joy of buying online haha!
I've just received my apc jacket...I need some advice... Should I keep? wondering if the sleeves are too short. the rest of the jacket seems of a good size imo. But i'd like to hear you on it! thanks.
I prefer low sneakers...less trouble! :-)
I don't see any's still 2000$!
wish I could afford the SLP varsity. It's dope! had to content myself with an A.P.C varsity! oh well!
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