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I don't see any sale...it's still 2000$!
wish I could afford the SLP varsity. It's dope! had to content myself with an A.P.C varsity! oh well!
I've heard there is a long wait time @ ToJ tho!
ordered this A.P.C varsity jacket from tres bien!
Deck shoes run small...I learned it the hard way lol! Still trying to break them but they hurt my feet fast. I'll give em more time. The insole is not removable...which doesn't help me!
well I paid retail for the black wool cp achilles...but it's not like they're gonna be available again like the full leather ones!
deck shoes and slp white were on saleslp black at retailapc at retail (tres bien shop)givenchy jeans at retailEverything is from Ssense. I live close to their boutique so I can try the stuff on before I buy. Because I find it risky to buy online. Shipping for returning items is so expensive. I've just returned some petit new standard jeans to Tres biens shop...cost me 40$ (for 150$ jeans). :-(I don't care if it's retail but it's a piece of clothing I really like. I think...
saint laurent paris white low sneakers saint laurent paris black low sneakers saint laurant paris black deck shoes a.p.c new standard indigo jeans givenchy black slim jeans vans authentic
i also have same shoes in different colors! its already hard to find decent sneakers that when I find the perfect ones I buy them. I have 2 pairs of slp lows and 2 pairs of cp achilles!
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