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Brand new, unworn, with tags. I bought it but it's too small for me. It's a size large. retail price is 790$ USD before shipping. I'm selling it 400$ shipped in USA/Canada I'd prefer the C.O.D method for payment but could accept paypal. Thanks! The jacket is incredibly nice! don't miss your chance!
600$ shipped in the North america!
It can be expensive. I returned jeans for 38$ (from montreal, canada) it was the absolute cheapest option for me. Its without a tracking number, without insurance...took about 2 weeks for TBS to receive the jeans.I tried to return a jacket recenty, the lowest price was 68$, basic shipping, 3-6 weeks delay.. :-(That's all via Canada post...I doubt there are cheaper options out there but I might be wrong.My advice, be sure it's gonna fit and you like the item lol
I honestly don't know but as you said, they're blazing fast. Also, The guy at customer service, Jester, is very friendly and helpful when you have to make a return. The jacket I've ordered at TBs was 150$ cheaper than other websites, shipping was free and took less than 5 days! It's hard to beat! What helps is the -20% tax you get when you are not in the EU. :-)
Zara copy every designer it's crazy lol. I was at their store yesterday...I'm not sure if it's zara or topman but I saw a kind of replica of the varsity bomber with the withe straps on the shoulders lol...except it was made in cotton. :-(
I had the same problem...but I buy the NS and bring em to a tailor to have them tapered..cost 20$ it's worth it imo!
You can always buy it from the official A.P.C store! have S, M and XL left!
I ordered 3 items from TBS recently and paid around 25$ CAD in customs fee each time! I live in Montreal and they use fedEx...and fedEX ALWAYS charge customs fee from what I've seen so far! At least it's not too expensive!
I think it's pretty obvious they're too small...especially in the middle pic...looks like leggings to me. I would size up if I was you!
It's really reversible? is it all camo on the reverse side? nice jacket anyway! :-)
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