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it's funny because I "had" the same jacket but UPS has lost my package. Someone, in california, is wearing my jacket while I'm waiting a god damn compensation from UPS. The jacket is also sold out. fml
I never really liked the shape of the mmm replica until I saw someone wearing theses sneakers yesterday...they looked pretty dope in real life. Do you guys know how they fit compared to cp achilles or saint laurent paris low sneakers? I found those margielas at 40% discount, that would mean 350$ tax in and shipped. Worth it even if they're made of pvc lol?
I do the same! cost me 20$ and they fit perfect after that!
everything? :-P
does anyone know where the A.P.C jackets (varsity) are made? I sold my jacket but it's stuck at the us border because they f*cking need the manufacture address and how the fabric is made (woven or knitted). I called the APC customer service and they can't even give me the info... How the hell am I supposed to know theses informations?
Just received my new pair of APC NS, got them tapered a bit and already getting complimented. APC for the win!
You're welcome
code valid before sept 30th : PRE-FW13-F08DB2BA (15% off)
Exactly why I prefer my achilles wool over my achilles black leather :-)
my common project achilles black wool are not lame at all I get compliment all the time!
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