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they're available at SSENSE for 845$ ouch!
Dope style!
don't want to sound mean...but Hirsh...WTf is that haircut lol?
I went once...tiny tiny men section. Not worth it even if you live in Montreal Imo.
I want to buy a pair of dior raw but i'm a bit confused... Luis Aviaroma sell the nostalgy and the brut the official dior website only has the timeless ''raw'' blue. S/S 2014 (japanese denim) so...the timeless raw blue is the new name for the brut? and they abandonned the nostalgy? I'll probably wait until I visit the dior homme store in NYC!!!
I only wear them with dark and/or raw denim. Not many options as you mentionned. I don't like wearing boots tho! I also own the white version of these slp! Imo the quality of the common projects is better!
I would say it's more of a bulky saint laurent paris low tops
Do you guys know if there's a difference in the denim between the Ns and the Pns? On the official A.P.C website the color of the Ns is "indigo" and the color of the Pns is "IAI indigo"... is it a different fabric or what? thanks I own NS but I ordered Pns once...they did'nt fit so I had to send em back but they felt a bit different compared to the NS...not sure if I'm crazy or it's actually really the case...
imo it's impossible. I live in montreal and i've never really seen cp at any other store than SSENSE :-(
In fact the jacket was too small so I decided to sell it (cash on delivery, so I never saw the cash), but UPS lost it, now they made an investigation and all, but it's taking very long. I've been waiting for over 2 months now. Now I can't buy a xtra large size because I don't really have the money and it's sold out everywhere i'm pretty sure! oh well! no varsity for me this year!lesson learned, never EVER make business with UPS. They charge ridiculous amount for brokerage...
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