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looks cool...but I can't spend 800$ + on floral slip-ons haha!
the guy has been a designer for 10 years....oh well....
it must be a troll.... well, it looks like 204 backers are going to wear ugly shoes soon lool! what do you guys think of these? it's obviously too expensive at 725$ tho. But still looks cool imo tim coppen x common projects slip-ons
430$ baller ballerina's for men (Acne) facepalm
Did you look up the old tracking number? Does it show delivery now and its location for the past few months? Last known location was Los Angeles, California (I live in Montreal, Canada). It was C.O.D shipment. I tried to sell it back in October but UPS lost it in Cali. Since I didn't take any insurance I only received 100$ from them as a compensation. Now I have the jacket and the money...and lost a lot of time of course. I'm gonna keep the jacket this time.
Not a purchase but it's rather a Miracle!!! UPS sent me back this jacket (lost package in October, for which I received a 100$ compensation just before christmas, case was closed. I was so pissed). But... this morning, a UPS guy just showed up at my door to give me my jacket back (still brand new in the original package)
My first pair of A.P.C I hemmed, tapered, wore em maybe 6 months, had to wash because of dirt stain. They shrinked about 1.5 inches and the indigo became ugly. I didn't wash em correctly I think.Now I buy the jeans, hem and taper them and wear until it's good for garbage. It works for me because I don't wear em everyday (I have a rotation) and I prefer to keep em dark :-)
these bball low look too much like skate shoes. Achilles are so much more refined :-P
I live in Montreal, Quebec and I usually receive an invoice from Fedex after couple days/week. It's about 22-26$ CAD for every package (shoes, jeans, jacket..etc)
really tempted to cop. they look nice.
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