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these bball low look too much like skate shoes. Achilles are so much more refined :-P
I live in Montreal, Quebec and I usually receive an invoice from Fedex after couple days/week. It's about 22-26$ CAD for every package (shoes, jeans, jacket..etc)
really tempted to cop. they look nice.
they're available at SSENSE for 845$ ouch!
Dope style!
don't want to sound mean...but Hirsh...WTf is that haircut lol?
I went once...tiny tiny men section. Not worth it even if you live in Montreal Imo.
I want to buy a pair of dior raw but i'm a bit confused... Luis Aviaroma sell the nostalgy and the brut the official dior website only has the timeless ''raw'' blue. S/S 2014 (japanese denim) so...the timeless raw blue is the new name for the brut? and they abandonned the nostalgy? I'll probably wait until I visit the dior homme store in NYC!!!
I only wear them with dark and/or raw denim. Not many options as you mentionned. I don't like wearing boots tho! I also own the white version of these slp! Imo the quality of the common projects is better!
I would say it's more of a bulky saint laurent paris low tops
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