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wow that's a very dumb job on your jeans,,,never go to that tailor again hehe!
I've just handled the black/white version at a local store and they looked very nice. I think i'm going to buy em this week!
Yea same for me!
Wish I could afford these. Simple black leather with black elastic (looking at you common projects designers). Nice sole. 760$ on SSense
Ns are kinda large...have them tapered. that's what I do and they look great! Cost me around 20$ to do so
ty man i'll keep an eye open!
have you seen em' somewhere for sale online?I was about to buy all white low achilles but this could be a nice option since I only own low sneakers.
I own both and I agree the cp toebox looks better!
yea a machine wash + dryer...your jeans must look ugly at the moment, buy a new pair haha and don't do it again ;-) I gave my APC new standard to my dad (after they lost too much indigo after a too long soak, my error) and they're now his favorite jeans lol.
I like the jacket!
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