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Bought those A.P.C chelsea boots at 30% off. Cyber monday sale! Much cheaper than compared to local shops in my town though!!!
New price, 500$ shipped. Still unworn. I'm too big for it and already bought another jacket!!! This one must go.
Still for sale, still unworn. Sorry I always forget to look here, send PM!
Yea I also like the cp's but they don't have a full black version (not that I know of). There was a black with white elastic but they don't make em anymore I think. Simple all black on white sole is not that easy to find imo.I know givenchy is overpriced...those slip on were on sale couple weeks ago but I missed it. Usually I try to buy stuff on sale but with sizing and all it's not always possible.
You can say what you want but you should know that :Some people appreciate quality objects. I've handled those slip on and the quality is beyond similar lower price models. Why do people pay 2000$ for a suit when you can have one that fit well for 200$ and most people won't even notice the difference...? because people like to buy quality. I'm trying to build a big enough rotation that my shoes are going to last basically forever. Have 12 pairs so far. It's been 5 years...
Nah these are the Vans...the givenchy have around 500$ of tiny details that make em much more cool :-) lolThe givenchy don't have the white stitching, no little cloth tag, no red logo on the back of the sole...etc... havefull leather inside which I doubt the vans's all a question of slickness guys!!! :-PI do own the all black canvas slip ons tho, they're cool but they don't last very long. good for beater shoes!
really eyeing those givenchy skate shoes. I think the design is just perfect!!! I think i'm buying them tomorrow lol!
Fully equipped! :-)
-Worn 2-3 times outside only, LIKE NEW, with box/dust bag/extra laces. -Size 41 EU -Removable insole -Shipping only in North America via standard ground shipping. -Accepting only verified Paypal account -Asking 349 USD (free shipping) Retail price 795$ -This item is sold out everywhere
-Leather sleeves with wool body -Brand new, never worn, with original tags -Size is Large -Shipping only in North America via standard ground shipping (usps) -Accepting only verified Paypal account -Asking 650 USD (free shipping) -This item is sold out everywhere
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