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I know someone asked this previously but it was never answered. Are the blazers spalla camicia?
Its a bit unfortunate. People have quoted London lounge many times on sf and seems that it has a lot of handy info and discussions. Would be helpful if anyone has any suggestions please
I have been (for the past few years) trying to register for the London Lounge forum. Unfortunately I never seem to get a confirmation email back. Does anyone know how to get over this, who do I need to contact to get this done?
Does anyone know why this is happening. These were closed channel soles from pediwears handmade collection. I was thinking of asking the cobbler to put rubber soles on these. Any suggestions to stop this degrading more?
Looks interesting Had a few questions: 1. Do you do soft shoulder suits 2. Do you do 3/2 roll suits Would be helpful if you had a video of your suits on model to see how it flows.
Have bought port isaac. Never used ae s, however better than loakes...believe that this line is made by Alfred sargent. Also their sizes run narrower than other makers so I would email them with your current ae size and model and they will advise on the best size. Only thing I would say is that on initial wear they crease a lot..but after that it doesn't crease as rapidly. Would recommend them though, esp at the price they're at. Much cheaper than the Dec sales price I...
Apparently hes wearing Cesare Attolini and Boglioli One of the few movies where I didn't mind sitting through the credits.
Bought an oxford from pediwear's paragon line in jan (port isaac). On recieving them realized that they had creases. Asked for an exchange, but pediwear replied that a refund was the better option since they didnt have any in my size in stock. Now these shoes fit nicely but given the creases looking for guidance on whether to exchange for another pediwear paragon pair ( looking for peoples opinion on their products) or just get a refund.
Probably too late after the win, but was wondering if anyone on the forum went to wimbeldon this year. Managed to go last Saturday and looks like will do the same next year
From my days: Normal days Shirts from modern tailor (really anything that fits well, and the cloth isn't luxurious otherwise wear tear much easier) wouldn't matter in terms of pattern Trousers various Rotation of good fitting dark grey, light grey and khakis or beige trousers Shoes: Ae would be fine, if you don't have the dough get something cheap for now, save up then buy. You could go on and on here. As long as not Spoo tastic. I wore c&j dbs normally Casual...
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