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Not gonna lie I was contemplating copping for a friend and dyeing/painting the suede black. It definitely is an ugly cw though lol
http://www.ebay.com/itm/Visvim-Boots-mens-9-us-FREE-SHIPPING-USA-JAPAN-/321467316417?pb=6&&pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&autorefresh=true Wonder if those were real...
Any one know the difference between Vibram Christy, Morflex and Evaflex? Edit - Also because of my stride, the outer heel of my soles wear down much quicker than the other areas. Could someone suggest a solution to this? My soles always end up looking like shit after a handful of wears and I would like to get a longer usage out of them before having to resole. Would plastic heel taps be weird on a natural Vibram wedge sole?
http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a230r. Wow... Fuck :/ Any pics I can provide so you guys can check if they are legit? The box has a sticker saying it was bought at F.I.L Tokyo. Attendant: K. Fujikawa. Date: 2012/7/27. Serial number: 419880. Then there's another sticker beneath that: VIRGIL PLAIN TOE-FOLK SAND M8 0112302002009
Got these plain toes off ebay for 200. Sorry for the editing lol They don't make fakes of these do they?
Went back today and found out that the information that SA told me yesterday almost all wrong. So they had all their styles on sale actually, not just those 3. And they take phone orders as well. You just have to provide a credit card and a billing address. They might only be able to ship to your billing address (not 100% sure on this one). Alright so these are the models they had in stores. The prices and sizes/stock for the first 4 pairs and the 2nd last...
Would anyone be interested in any of these http://m.imgur.com/6YKcC8S? My local store has them for $210 CAD plus tax. I could proxy potentially. A local store is having a decent sale with almost a full size run left. PM me and leave me your number if you want (so when I go tomorrow I can confirm the price and stock quicker).
measurements on the stussy/nexus parka?
They adjust their prices a lot. Black CP Deby Shines were $350 near the beginning of their sale for just bit. Then after a few sizes sold out, they took them off sale and put the prices up (maybe even higher than what retail was...). They're showing $590 for me right now and I thought they were $500 or $550 before.
Gonna try to cop a spot in line from someone. Can't decide between black calf/lamb/goat silver 4-zip MDR or a diesel blue calf suede silver 4-zip MDR. Everyone praises the black lamb and I would go for that in a heartbeat for the supple/butteryness and the drape but I really dislike the veining (I know most people do but I don't) and wrinkling that sometimes comes with. Creases from wear are completely fine but I dunno if I'm down for examples like this or . Though I've...
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