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Anyone still waiting on a confirmation e-mail back from Drew?
Any chance of you guys getting more selection windowpane fabrics? Hoping for navy/grey with white lines
Hoping they re-release these:
By fix do you mean replacing the strap or restoring the area of leather that was burnt? I don't think I've heard of any leather specialists in Montreal :/How could the zipper correct itself though? I figure the tape has shrunk which is what is causing the waviness. It was actually worse before -- initially when it came out the dryer -- but I re-wet the length of the tape and stretched it out by hand for a good 20-30 minutes@nineohtoo If you accumulate any more packages in...
Just got this 08(?) Valdez. Ended up fucking it up trying to restore it a bit . The main zipper is a little wavy now after coming out of the wash/dryer (should've dried on low heat instead of med) and I slightly burnt one of the leather straps on the sleeve trying to reshape it by ironing it with a damp cloth over top (not sure why I thought this was a good idea). I'm thinking of replacing the M8 but suggestions as whether I should go one-way or two-way? Also would...
It's possible to get wrinkles out of this right? (09 Valdez I think)
Havenshop 20% off with promo code BLKWKND Edit - Oops someone already posted it.
Paypal has a 5% cashback promo from today until Dec 2.
Pretty new to Yoox. Does anything special happen around Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Looking at a pair of boots and they're extra 25% off with ENJOYCOLORS. Should I grab them now or wait? I skimmed the posts around Black Friday of last year and it didn't seem like there were any codes for higher percentage discounts (or I'm blind).
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