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Pretty new to Yoox. Does anything special happen around Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Looking at a pair of boots and they're extra 25% off with ENJOYCOLORS. Should I grab them now or wait? I skimmed the posts around Black Friday of last year and it didn't seem like there were any codes for higher percentage discounts (or I'm blind).
^I think that jacket looks too big on you man. Ironically, I think the sleeve length is one of the better parts of the fit :/
Can anyone who went comment on what kind of stuff was available?
http://www.gfycat.com/FearlessWhiteFrenchbulldog Lamb or calf?
I'm 5'7, 150lbs, 37" chest and all my shirts are S. I'd go M.
What are chances of them having the hi-tops or lo-tops in white/black?
NWT. Retails for $395 on the Lexdray site. Add $35 for shipping to US/Canada. PM for elsewhere.
I can get these NIB if anyone wants. Add $25 for shipping in US/Canada. PM for overseas.
@brad-t Lol not really. They just skip over me. Also... I'm not one of the guys who changes their order specifications 92839823 times, nor have I even complained about waiting... So take it easy buddy.
@barramundi Nah I just asked him lol. The guy I bought from placed his order last July. What do you guys think of a diesel blue calf suede MDR? Only reason I'm not going for a black lamb is because I think I want the ss11 Undercover rider... eventually...
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