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^I remembering ordering the pair from SS15? that had the straps at the heel and they ended up fitting 2 sizes up :/ I ordered 41 because everywhere I asked said they fit TTS but they ended up fitting more like US10s. I heard they fixed their sizing though. To the people talking about the Safari jacket earlier... I have it in olive. Definitely one of my favourite pieces they've put out. Only complaints are that one corner of one pocket was defected and not stitched down...
Any option for set-in sleeves instead of raglan?
Yeah I think I can proxy for you.Check my earlier post. But yeah I wasn't feeling the fabric they used. Maybe some people would like it though? There must be a reason they opted for the double face 50% wool 50% poly fabric instead of just using a similar fabric to their regular line topcoat.
Yea I did. It's not the most comfortable (wool is medium thickness but definitely scratchy) but for what I paid I can't really complain. I didn't remember seeing red or navy but I didn't look around. Agreed on the sizing work jacket. Fabric felt pretty substantial like robinsongreen68 said. Pretty sure its the same but I'll check back today to make sure if I have time.
Here's a small album of shitty pictures: http://imgur.com/a/ja9Z2 Knit would have been better in a small. I tried on both S and XS for the work jacket but other outerwear is all XS. 5'7 ~153lbs.
I got there a little over an hour before opening and the line was already around 500 deep I think (basing this off the ballot # I got for the Japan trip draw). They were missing some items/colours from the UniqloU collection. It was mad packed inside so I didn't try everything on. Topcoat: pretty underwhelming. Flimsy and lighter weight. Definitely a longer fit. 2 interior patch pockets placed directly behind the exterior ones IIRC. I work at Club Monaco part time and we...
Gonna go to the Toronto opening tomorrow. Hopefully the line isn't too crazy long... I'll try to let you guys know how the UniqloU stuff is!
Kinda nitpicky and unrelated to the jackets... but do the top 3 stripes/bars on the Falcon logo on the tag bug anyone else other than me? They should really be heavier/thicker to match the other ones making up the logo. Logo looks good on Charly's avatar though.
Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah the thing that complicates things too is that the jacket is listed twice separately so the exchange system doesn't even offer the option to hold it for me. Since the old one I bought only has M and L listed but the new one has an S. Really weird and frustrating lol.The flaw is that the shoulder one one side of the jacket doesn't lay flush against my shoulder. The way the pattern was cut or how the back and front panels were stitched...
So I bought an item off Yoox but there were some defects as well as it ending up not fitting. I want to return and re-buy it in a smaller size, except now they have raised the price $100. Do you think if I re-bought it now they would refund me the difference? Don't really want to wait for my return to fully complete since that'll take a while and this is the last item left.
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