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Shipping from Canada. Worn once. Comes with extra laces and box but no dust bag. Price does not include shipping. Open to offers!
Would Luxire be able to make a shirt like this? Just an OCBD with knit material inserted at the yoke and sleeves.
These were just posted on reddit the other day. Not sure if they've been posted here before. Its a blue suede 2010 DR. Holy fuck its nice. Edit - Oh I found the pic in the gallery. Oops I guess it has...
I have 500$ store credit I won from a contest and I will buy you one of their gift cards. These gift cards do not stack with any promotional codes. I'm almost certain these gift cards won't expire. Add 4% fees or gift. You're essentially getting 25% off 500$ which isn't bad since they're BF promotion is only 5% more.
http://instagram.com/p/gTQaxrLC1h/Time to cop Acronym now Jk still too broke.
Just won the $500 Hypebeast/outfit grid contest with my TOJ0... THANK YOU TOJ TEAM!!! Edit - I wish it was cash so I could put it towards another TOJ...
Quick fit pic of the black/black TOJ0. I'll try to get some better ones later. Need some more sneakers to go with these... I think it could be 0.5 to 1" shorter but oh well. Thanks to the whole TOJ team for providing us with such an amazing product!
Ordered my blacked out TOJ0 June 10 and just got shipping notification this morning! Best e-mail to wake up to. I'll be sure to throw up some fit pics once it's here.
Worn once for an hour. Comes with box, bag, and another pair of laces (not leather). Price includes shipping to Canada/USA. 185 > 170 > 155 > 140
Solid price. If only they were my size :/
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