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Going to Toronto this weekend and might have time to go to Uniqlo. Message me if you need a Canadian proxy.
Want that bottle of Sugi but shipping to Canada is $40...
Anyone know how to get VAT removed or returned for orders from BigInJapan? I've checked their customer care page and send them an e-mail but no response...
I'm not seeing them anywhere. Anyone here live in Japan? Really curious about the fit of these. Do you guys think the US will get these?
Awww man. Guess I'll just keep any eye out. Any recommendations for proxies? @Emixam you stopped taking orders right? Been using Zenmarket lately but they're pretty slow at doing everything. Thanks again guys
Not really sure about what happened with him and Errolson but he's catching a lot of flak online these days. Huge backlog of unfulfilled orders, little communication with customers, Paypal disputes getting filed... The parallels are kind of amusing. At least he didn't completely disappear though. I sympathize with him a bit though... running a one-man operation of that scale, he's bound to make some mistakes.
NWT. Tagged 50 but waist measures more like a 32/33. Retail 900 CAD. Fabric is a substantial black wool twill. Measurements: 1/2 waist: 16.5" 1/2 thigh: 12.5" (1" down from crotch seam) 1/2 hem: 8.5" Front rise: 13"(crotch seam to top of waistband) Inseam: 33" Price includes PP fees but not shipping.
Retail was 500 CAD when I ordered them but they seem to have raised the price to 550 CAD. NIB. Tried on indoors and decided I don't like them. Thought I'd offer these to someone before shipping them back. Pics tomorrow. Price includes PP fees but not shipping.
NWT. Tagged 50. Charcoal. ***A super minor flaw shown in the last picture. Fabric: "ALFRED BROWN Fine Worsted. Fabric woven in England" Measurements: 1/2 waist: 17.4" Inseam: 30.2" 1/2 hem: 6.7" For more info: Price includes PP fees but not shipping.
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