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Kinda nitpicky and unrelated to the jackets... but do the top 3 stripes/bars on the Falcon logo on the tag bug anyone else other than me? They should really be heavier/thicker to match the other ones making up the logo. Logo looks good on Charly's avatar though.
Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah the thing that complicates things too is that the jacket is listed twice separately so the exchange system doesn't even offer the option to hold it for me. Since the old one I bought only has M and L listed but the new one has an S. Really weird and frustrating lol.The flaw is that the shoulder one one side of the jacket doesn't lay flush against my shoulder. The way the pattern was cut or how the back and front panels were stitched...
So I bought an item off Yoox but there were some defects as well as it ending up not fitting. I want to return and re-buy it in a smaller size, except now they have raised the price $100. Do you think if I re-bought it now they would refund me the difference? Don't really want to wait for my return to fully complete since that'll take a while and this is the last item left.
I don't think the 3-zip DR2 would look any better if the waist pockets were moved closer in towards the zipper (if that's what you were suggesting). And for the A2 if you wanted to move just the handwarmer pockets, their position on top of the flapped patch pocket would look off. If you wanted to move the whole patch pocket inwards though that might work. I think one of the older iterations of the TOJ A2 had pockets like you suggested. Edge of the pocket was in line with...
@jl992 Appreciate the thorough review man. Looking forward to the pictures. Also... Might be a stretch... But do you happen to be @jlau1303 on Instagram...
If someone could proxy some Westpoint chinos for me in size 30, PM please!
If we're going to have an open discussion here I'd like to bring up the issue of the veins (sorry, this is probably just as annoying as the zipper debates in the past). Would it not be possible to offer an option where someone could pay more for the option of no veins? Price would take into account the extra hide which would be required, as well as the extra time which would be spent inspecting the hide and planning the cutting of the pattern around the veiny areas.
Any intention of ever bringing back striped ribbing options on the varsity? Or the Jason Bourne colourway?
I find I can usually do S for most Reigning Champ (minus their tees) but there's no way I can do S in W+H, if that's helpful at all.Anyone know the cheapest place to get Westpoint chinos in olive? Would rather not pay full retail.
How often does Visvim release the Virgils in black suede with the Vibram Cristy soles? And would you guys trust a regular cobbler to resole a pair of them/a pair of plain toes?
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