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Apologies for the confusion guys, it is indeed 70.
Shipping included for USA. International Shipping not included, will vary. PM for details.
Shipping included for USA. International pricing will vary - PM for details.
Shipping Included. International shipping prices will vary, PM for details.
Cost of shipping included for USA. Shipping will change for International. Engineered Garments Navy Bedford, sz. S (fits a 38-41 chest) 300
Alas, I'm cursed with purchasing items that don't fit me. This beautiful boot is a sz 44 but runs large and will fit a sz 12 very well. It's extremely comfortable and is built with the same quality that you'd expect from Common Projects. It's yours for $120. Shipping is included in the price for shipping to the US. Price may very outside of the US. If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to answer.
Turns out that this beautiful shirt is just a tad too smaller than I'd like for comfort. If only it fit me...mother of pearl buttons buttons with a subtle but classy sheen. The item is entirely unworn and has been tried on twice. Essentially, I'm just looking to recoup my losses - shipping is included. It's yours for $70. Link to the actual shirt: Description: Wolf vs Goat before-dinner, long-sleeve button-down shirt....
Heyhey! Just wanted to see if these boots were still available. Thanks!
incredible job, digme. you look yeeears younger.
I thought about them for traveling purposes, but after some thought realized they're kind of useless - bodyweight exercises are far more effective. The resistance/weight is inconsistent with bands, unlike free weights/bodyweight.
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