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I know what you're saying, but that is a different " shine" than what the leather looks like as it gets burnished smooth from use.
I apologize, I thought you were joking. I just did a search and found this: http://www.apparelinsiders.com/2011/07/buried-treasure/ Water from your faucet won't dissolve anything, but as Tangfastic said, the pH of the soil would be the big concern. In the article it mentions the jeans are in a wooden box with layers of dirt separating them. Here is a little story. I have a garden, and I use strips of old t-shirts and other cotton fabrics to tie up the plants...
I've heard water dissolves indigo, so if you have a high water table in your area you may end up with a pair of white jeans when you dig them up.
You have to put the LP on, let it soak in for a day or two, wipe any excess off, then wear them for a few weeks and hit them with the horsehair brush every night when you take them off. After a few months put on another light coat of LP and repeat. After two years or so you'll start getting a nice shine. Seriously.
The flat black looks more like a 1950s workboot. I usually stick with leather laces, but if I was going for that old school workboot look, I'd go flat black. I like it.
What leather is that?
Perfect time for some black jeans! And some CarbonXCoffee!
Now that you mention it, the BlackXBlack was offered a few weeks ago, but no other blacks lately. I'd say it's about time for some.
I'm just going to toss this out there, mainly because I'm crazy. I have no idea how much waste there is cutting out shirts, but I'd love to get some Gustin jeans with some of those crazy shirting fabrics as pocket bags. Or even the Chino fabric. I understand some guys would want only plain white (or unbleached), but I'd be down with almost anything. Heck, I wouldn't even care if all the description of the fabric said was "chino remnants" and whatever color showed up...
Levi's are around 12-13oz. You won't notice the difference after the first few days and the denim softens.
New Posts  All Forums: