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Now that's a nice collection of footwear!!!
sambam,I haven't seen any recent photos showing the status of that most awesome pair of Oxfords. I hope they are moving nicely through the line. 😉
skyfall, Those Oxfords look awesome! I can hardly wait for mine to arrive!
Sambam, You're killing me!!!! Lol The Oxfords are looking awesome! Exactly what I was hoping for! Seriously, they are exactly what I wanted.
Yes, as much as I hate to admit it, I do have a few pairs from a competitor. The welt construction of Whites is still the most aesthetically pleasing to my eye. I am a little boot crazy. LOLConvince your management to make harness boots, and I am fairly certain I will buy a pair. From Whites I have Smokejumpers, Packers, Farmer/Ranchers, and Bounty Hunters. Soon I will have the Oxfords, thanks to you!
I wear engineer and harness boots to work often. I don't mind walking around all day in them.
I think the Stumptown books above look great! White's are never going to look like sleek Italian dress shoes, so why even try to make them. I have a pair of 10" lace to toe Smoke jumpers with the double midsole and 100 lug sole. They are one of my favorite pairs!!
No sole will be good on ice except maybe a calked sole with the replaceable spikes.I have probably had every major type of Vibram or leather sole option, and live in northeastern Pennsylvania. The 700 sole is terrible in snow. The 430 is probably as good as anything in very light snow. In deep snow the 100 is fine. It will track a ton of snow (and mud, and horse manure) into the house unless you knock the lugs clear before going inside.If you are outside for any length...
Order placed! The salesman originally told me it was only a rumor on the Internet that I could order the Oxfords, but after placing me on hold for a few minutes he said I could place the order. I am guessing there are now two pairs of Oxfords going through the build process for the US market. 😀 He said about 5 weeks for the build and if it only takes that long I will be impressed! I frequently travel for work and if they get them to me in 6 weeks I will take them on my...
Sambam and NorthCoast, Thanks for the replies! I recently picked up a pair of the Farmer-Ranchers in Navy CXL off ebay from the White's store. They are a 9 1/2D. I believe my Bounty Hunters are a 9 1/2C. The Bounty Hunters are on the standard BH last (I'm not sure which last that is). On the Farmer-Ranchers I have plenty of room for thick socks. I don't plan on wearing heavy socks with the 300 Oxfords, so if I go with the 461 last in a 9 1/2C should the general fit...
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