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Honestly, you never know. It could be any style or price range. I think they literally grab something in the size you pick from whatever basket of items in that size is in reach. I generally use the grab bag option when I want to try a new size as the lowest cost way to see if it fits.
I haven't posted in a while (been traveling for work). One of my work assignments was on a volcanic island for several months. I wore these hiking all over the island, and at the end of the trip they sorely needed a good oiling with Obenauf's. This first pic is after I had one boot oiled, and one just cleaned. The second pic is after work today. I'm going to have to send them in for a resoling soon, but I don't plan on a rebuild of the uppers at this time. I've...
Those are definitely too long. Regarding socks, super thick socks won't necessarily make your feet sweat more. Your feet will sweat no matter what socks you wear. Socks with a high wool content (70%, and higher is better) will tend to wick moisture away from your feet, making your feet feel more comfortable whether it is 0F degrees or 90F degrees. I wear thick wool socks year round with workboots and hiking boots.Andy B
I have a question on the lighter weight "summer" denim fabrics Gustin is offering jeans in. How does this fabric compare in feel to the 13oz and heavier denims, and does it drape the same when wearing it? Does it feel "flimsy" and not hang the same over the calf and near the ankle? The #289 Irish Linen looks interesting, but I have no idea if denim this light wears similar to heavier denim. Thanks, Andy B.
I'm not sure what you mean by this. My Nicks are stitched through the sole as well as screwed. I have a pair of White's with the double midsole, and they aren't stitched through, just screwed. I think it depends on the sole and midsole options you request.
I don't think I would choose bullhide for the toe of a pair of workboots. For one thing, the wrinkles in it would be pulled almost smooth over the toe, so it would kind of defeat the purpose. The bullhide has a certain look to it, defined by the creases. I did find it fairly easy to break-in because of all the creasing. Also, it is slightly thinner than the standard smooth oiled leathers, so any gouges will be more likely to cut through the leather.
Zero rattle. Snaps are tight.
On White's (and most of these style of workboots) the toe and heel have an extra layer of leather lining anyway, so "lined" uppers really only relates to the shaft for the most part. I have a pair of Bounty Hunters (which look pretty similar to the OP's boots) with Red Dog lowers and brown bullhide shaft. I was told by Kyle that the bullhide needed to have a lining, so mine are lined. I can't say how much thinner the bullhide is, but mine are about 5 years old and...
I have that exact CPO and no issue with rattling.
It smooths out a little with Obenauf's LP on it. You can tell it is roughout, but it doesn't look like suede. If you were to put several really heavy coats on it would probably smooth it out a lot.The black smooth leather (what the roughout really is) is White's thickest leather, along with the brown smooth, as TH3515 mentioned. The Wesco boots I have with their thickest leather seemed very stiff, and still are. The Nicks leather is a little thicker and is stiff due to...
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