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The flat black looks more like a 1950s workboot. I usually stick with leather laces, but if I was going for that old school workboot look, I'd go flat black. I like it.
What leather is that?
Perfect time for some black jeans! And some CarbonXCoffee!
Now that you mention it, the BlackXBlack was offered a few weeks ago, but no other blacks lately. I'd say it's about time for some.
I'm just going to toss this out there, mainly because I'm crazy. I have no idea how much waste there is cutting out shirts, but I'd love to get some Gustin jeans with some of those crazy shirting fabrics as pocket bags. Or even the Chino fabric. I understand some guys would want only plain white (or unbleached), but I'd be down with almost anything. Heck, I wouldn't even care if all the description of the fabric said was "chino remnants" and whatever color showed up...
Levi's are around 12-13oz. You won't notice the difference after the first few days and the denim softens.
Well, you made it 5 days. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt at 10. Who am I to talk though. I'm also on a jeans ban, but as soon as I find something else interesting, I'm sure I'll buy them.
WOW! I wonder how shark will hold up? I'm not a fan of the block heel on that style of boot, but with that monster sole I think it pulls it off.
I just throw them in the front-load washer on cold with Woolite Dark and hang dry. I don't notice any fading from it, but it isn't like I wash my jeans every week. I wash them if they're dirty, and sometimes I'll give an initial wash to remove the starch. I do have several pairs that have been worn a few times but never washed yet.
I'm not real happy hearing about this buy-out. I can't picture it being a good thing once the bean counters get involved.
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