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Hobbs32Reg, I thought you guys would try and guess??? Haha! OK, starting on the left, top to bottom: #52 - Rainbow Nep #125 - Grey Silk2 #133 - Italian Powder Blue #91 - BlackXAqua #119 - Japan Azure #111 - The Twenty Six Center top to bottom: #67 - GreyXBlack #124 - The Hemp #82 - American Sixteener #99 - BlackXBlack (the one that started me on the Gustin addiction) #180 - Loomstate Black #71 - American Classic Right top to bottom: #54 - Black 3 #2 - Japan...
The ones the second from the bottom on the left are the #119 Japan Azure. They are a lot lighter than the swatches appeared when they were offered. I like them.https://www.weargustin.com/store/606
Now that's funny! You guys keep finding these crazy fabrics. Keep up the great work!
Here is my addiction. Thanks, Josh and Stephen!!!!
When I first read that I read it as "in any of my INsulting comments". My skin is thicker than the denim of my 26oz Gustin Beasts, so it won't bother me no matter how harsh your words are. If I post any pics, I know what to expect.OK. I'll attempt to get some pics later today and post them. I don't have a good full-length mirror here, so I have to wait for my kids to get home from school to make use of their photography skills.
You mean pairs of Gustin Slim and Skinny? I own Gustin Straight, Slim and Skinny. Right now I am sitting here in a pair of damp, clammy Skinny Loomies. The Skinny fit is definitely slimmer than the Slim! Of course, this is with a pair of Loomstates that definitely shrank a little.At this point I can't say I look like I just popped out of a time machine as a member of a 1980s hair band, but there isn't a lot of extra fabric in the thighs (well, NO extra fabric in the...
I just got in my first pair of Skinny jeans. Some of the Slims I have could be a little less bulky in the thigh, so I figured what the heck. Of course, for my first experiment in Skinny I went with some Loomstates. Yes, they are Skinny! I just did a warm soak on them and they are hanging to dry, so I'm now committed to owning them. I may or may not post a pic once I put them on and they dry, depending on how ridiculous I look. They did feel a little "slim" pre-soak,...
I know what you're saying, but that is a different " shine" than what the leather looks like as it gets burnished smooth from use.
I apologize, I thought you were joking. I just did a search and found this: http://www.apparelinsiders.com/2011/07/buried-treasure/ Water from your faucet won't dissolve anything, but as Tangfastic said, the pH of the soil would be the big concern. In the article it mentions the jeans are in a wooden box with layers of dirt separating them. Here is a little story. I have a garden, and I use strips of old t-shirts and other cotton fabrics to tie up the plants...
I've heard water dissolves indigo, so if you have a high water table in your area you may end up with a pair of white jeans when you dig them up.
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