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My BHs are 5 years old and I wear them a lot. No lining issues.Andy B.
I know you didn't ask me, but I have a pair of SJs with the roughout toe and heel counter. They are my winter work boots, and I can say the "roughness" does not really wear off. I put Obenauf's on them, and it did tone it down a little, but there is no mistaking it for roughout. There is a pic of them probably about 100 pages back. I'll have to get a current shot and post it up.Andy B.
I noticed this with the Loomstates as well (I have both the original indigo, and the black). Honestly, I was kind of bummed about it because percentagewise, the waist seemed to shrink less than the other measurements, and it stretched back out fairly quickly. If you have a Gustin waist size that works good for you (say a 31" waist), I wouldn't go bigger than 2" larger (a 33") in the Loomstates. Of course, none of this matters at present because the Zim Loomies sold out...
That is normal for any boot with this type of welt.
I'm not saying I have a recommended method, or even if someone would find it disgusting, but my first waxed cotton jacket had a flannel lining, and it lasted me about 16 or 17 years until the outer waxed layer started falling apart and couldn't be repaired. It was never "washed", and I used it as a work jacket, so I did do some physical exertion in it. I also never wore it topless with just the jacket and no shirt under it. Honestly, I never had a problem and it never...
What kind of boots are you talking about? I can say, engineer boots or harness boots will not fit a 33 or 32 Slim cuff, only the Straight. Lace-up boots, like White's Smokejumpers, will work fine with the slim cut. NO boots will work with the Skinny cut.
I would definitely recommend getting a jacket in waxed cotton. I don't have a Gustin trucker, so I can't comment on it. I do like the look of the waxed versions though, but I have too many jackets as it is so I haven't picked a Gustin one up yet.
Think of a waxed jacket sort of like a PVC jacket. Most liquid just runs off of it, and dirt just falls off of it. The wax pretty much prevents anything getting the fabric "dirty" unless it embeds itself in the wax. My first waxed jacket was probably 16 or 17 years old by the time I wore it out. It almost looked like leather at that point, and I never noticed any smells. I also never washed it. Heck, I never even "cleaned" it. I just wore it and brushed it off on...
The G mediums feel too tight in the shoulders on me. Like I said, I'm probably shaped weird, that's why I mentioned it. I could really use a size between medium and large, but it is what it is.
I have a bunch of BB shirts in Slim Fit 15 1/2 /34. The Gustin Medium Classic fit is tighter (and shorter). The Gustin Large Classic fit is about the same in the shoulders as the BB Slim, but bigger through the mid-section. The Gustin Large Slim fit seems pretty close to the BB Slim, but the body length is shorter (as it is on all Gustin shirts). I personally like the Gustin Large Slim because it seems to fit my shoulders okay, and isn't too big in the body. I'm...
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