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I'll second what Berniels said, measure your current jeans and then compare to the Gustin fit guide. My three pairs of Gustins measured almost exactly what the fit guide said.
Nuckinya,I have three pairs of Gustins, and they fit about like yours. I could button them up without sucking in my stomach. I don't want my jeans skin tight, so I could never wear a pair that I couldn't get all the buttons done up initially. You could do a warm water wash or soak at some point to shrink them down a little if you wanted a tighter fit.That's been about my experience as well. They stretched in the waist until they fit, and haven't kept stretching. I'm...
Yeah, I apologize for that. I'm an idiot. I misunderstood something posted many pages back on the Gustin community board.
I have a pair in 21oz from another brand, and I would describe them as feeling like sweatpants as well, only they breathe. Everything else you said is true. Once you get past the initial first few days of break-in, they are extremely comfortable.Oldguy,There are supposed to be a few more runs of the 26oz, so keep watching the Gustin store. Tuesdays and Thursdays seem to be common release dates, but you never know when stuff is going to pop up.
I did what BMC said, and it makes a huge difference. I was trying to hike 10" rise jeans up to the place on my waist 11" rise would normally sit. That doesn't work out too well. To BolognaFingers, the upper area (top block or whatever the technical name is) will stretch out some over the first 6 or 7 wears. If you only tried the jeans on for a few hours, they will definitely stretch more. Only you know how tight or loose you want them to fit though. I personally don't...
Same here. The Gustin Straight cut will fit over harness boots and most cowboy boots. How big of a cuff opening are some people looking for? The Slim cut won't, but it's a slim cut. No Gustin cuts are "skinny jeans" worn by the likes of Bret Michaels in 1986.
Schweizerth, NIce! How long have you been wearing them and how many washes/soaks?
kmitch, I was in a similar situation, and I've kind of settled on 33 Slim (I have Gustins in 32 Straight, 33 Straight, and 33 Slim). I was also worried about the cuff opening, and the Slim really isn't that small of a cuff. These are definitely not skinny-fit jeans, even in the Slim fit. Another thing to keep in mind is if you cut 3" off the length, the opening is slightly larger as you move up the leg in the Slim fit, so it might be closer to 7.75" than you'd think.
I just meant if you want to get a pair of SDs, make sure you judge the heel height of other SDs. There are all kinds of variations posted here, so some may look similar with higher heels, but not be SDs. Who knows, maybe I'm just confusing the hell out of you. I think I confused myself.
Email Gustin at that address.
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