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I just throw them in the front-load washer on cold with Woolite Dark and hang dry. I don't notice any fading from it, but it isn't like I wash my jeans every week. I wash them if they're dirty, and sometimes I'll give an initial wash to remove the starch. I do have several pairs that have been worn a few times but never washed yet.
I'm not real happy hearing about this buy-out. I can't picture it being a good thing once the bean counters get involved.
I would say you're stuck with it. I've had several waxed jackets over the years and they seem to hold any stains once they get them due to the wax. One of the great characteristics of waxed canvas is how it darkens in high wear areas and gets all kinds of creases and patina from use. It looks its best after it starts getting used and dirty, that has been my experience anyway. It's the closest thing to leather that isn't leather.
I'm pretty much a denim newbie when it comes to various manufacturers. I know what raw denim and selvedge is, but I couldn't tell one brand from another if there was no tag on the back. You know more about the brands than I do.
That is probably one of the best deals Gustin has going! It won't sell out in an hour, but it will get fully funded.
Wearing boots in water and mud and the constant flexing is one of the fastest ways to remove oils. You need to condition boots when they require it, not just after a specified length of time. I can't say if the OP is over-conditioning or not, but there are certainly cases where a light weekly conditioning would be appropriate.
Judging by the past, about 10 days. Seriously though, I hope you're feeling better. The new jeans look good with that shirt.
Not to further derail the White's thread, but I have also seen a lot of Brian's work, and he doesn't "resole" your boots as much as he builds you an entire new pair of boots using your old uppers. He does do excellent work!
Cool thread! I never hear much about Drew's. I hope someone has something from Drew's and can post about them.
Guys definitely think too much about all of this. If you don't want an exposed heel counter, you want the SD, if you want the exposed heel counter, you want any of the other White's boots.The BH is the SJ on the SD last.For a given size, the look and top profile of the boot is more affected by close trim versus standard trim. I doubt many people could tell one last from another if they were the same boot, in the same size, with the same sole trim. I have Three pairs of...
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