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Does anybody know if Marshall Anthony is closed down? I ordered items a long time ago which havent reached yet. Nor have i received any refund. Their customer service has stopped answering my mails and the website says "closed at the moment".
Just had my best three months in business since i started 12 years ago. Celeberatin with: a) Sartoria Partenopea suit, b) a Corneliani overcoat and c) a trip to the sea with my fiancée. Dressing well has been a successful marketing tool. It is also a wonderful hobby. The sea - well i really miss the horizon. Lookin forward.
Thanks for real valuable input. Corneliani has been one of my fav brands for a long time. If Kent Wang is in the vicinity of that ill i go for it. Wd anyone by chance know what kind of shoulders Wang uses, ie amount of padding, silhouette etc..?
Can´t bear with the Hermes patterns, even if their fabrics are exquisite. My favs at the moment are Borrelli (smooth as intimate female body parts), Kent Wang (very cool, very urban) and Marinella (the Classic). I do own a few Zegna ties and cant agree about their inferiority. Nice patterns, smooth and light. Wouldnt wear them for a business apt tho. On that occasion I'd go 4 Borrelli or a solid T&A.
As well as some other users I'm also real interested how anyone wd rank the Benjamin suits. As well as Kent Wang. A comparison between those two wd be exhilarating. Furthermore - thank you everybody who has been contributing to this list. It has so far been very helpful on my endless road to wisdom.
Tie arrived promptly. Description accurate. Reliable seller.
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