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Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc Gvillage nightlife is shite. That may be so but it is still quite close to the Lower East Side (where I have been told has the best nightlife) but looks like a nicer place to actually live. I would rather have a little travel time and live somewhere nice than to have no travel time and live somewhere crappy. The East Village seems somewhere in between these two options. By the way, I will be working in Midtown.
I'm moving to New York in a couple of months from Australia and am leaning towards Greenwich Village. It is close to the other places I am considering (East Village, Lower East Side, etc.) but looks a bit nicer. I am mainly looking for somewhere nice and close to good nightlife/food/entertainment. It looks like I should be able to find a one bedroom place within my budget (around $3,000 per month).
Quote: Originally Posted by seany Can someone please tell me what these are? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide and just real quick while I'm here - the white Oxford seen below is the EP OCBD dressed down...great shirt, as a lot of us now know.. [[SPOILER]] Those pants look really nice! Can I ask what they are? Thanks!
I can't seem to find many webstores that sell Rick Owens leather jackets. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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