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You probably should go to the AE website and browse based on the specific lasts you prefer. WJR
Quote: Originally Posted by kentuckyboy What was the return process for Nordstroms? Did they send the new pair before they recieved the old ones? It is a little disheartening to hear that this is fairly common. They charge your card again, send out the new pair, you send in the old pair and they refund your card once they receive them. WJR
Interesting. I recently experienced this on a brand new pair of Strands I bought during the nordstroms sale. I contacted AE to see if I should ship to them for repair and they told me to send back to nordstroms. That seemed odd to me but as of today they are on their way back to nordstroms and a new pair is on it's way to me. WJR
I have had good experiences with Bass over the years. I have a pair that I purchased about 6 months ago and wear at least once a week. They have held up well and are softening up to be very comfortable. WJR
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower Or start warm and finish cold. Same here. WJR
Will do. WJR
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne AE should have brought back the Stratton instead. Less busy than the Strand: Also seen here in what looks like Walnut. Those are quite nice. What last were they on? I do like the Strand as I am a big fan of the # 5 last as it fits my foot better than most of the others. I do not have a pair of Strands, yet, but have several Park Avenues and Mcallisters. WJR
AE has recrafted an old pair of Park Avenues for me (about 15 years old) and they came out great. Really for $ 99 I am not sure why you would use anyone else. The only issue is that their normal 4 week turnaround has been more like 6-7 weeks. I have a pair of Black Mcallisters there now hoping to get them back in about another 2 weeks. WJR
I love my Macneils. WJR
Are the Hales still available? How do they fit compared to Park Avenues in the same size? (# 5 last versus # 8 last) Thank you, WJR
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