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Got both from STF few years ago.
Plus by Chausser, C712. Natural shell. Approximately two years with light use.
Have you tried the classic khaki (slim fit) from GAP? To me they fulfill all your requirements. And they are cheap enough that I won't feel sorry if something happened to them when I work in lab.
I don't know about saddle soap. But for the Meltonian creme, you should apply only a very thin layer instead of a generous coating.
How about try some loafers from Tod's?
Lodger BROMPTON WALNUT GRAIN The OP's picture is one of the pictures among the "product views" of this exact shoe.
Rimowa has many 4-wheeled models. For example:
Pediwear is waiting for restocking the Avoriaz. According to the email they sent me, you will have to wait till mid January .
[SPOILER][/SPOILER] Looks like I have to wait till January too.
Quote: Originally Posted by obiter dictum I've been bit by the vintage style hiking boots bug that doesn't seem to get much love on SF. Paraboot Avoriaz. Bought a brown pair recently, but I have to wait until January before I get them because my size wasnt in stock. Do you mind telling me where you bought the Avoriaz? I just ordered from Pediwear but haven't got any message regarding the delivery date. Lark in Vancouver told me they...
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