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Like New Mossimo Matteo Soft Leather Briefcase. Made in Italy. Purchased from Saks off 5th Last November. Rarely used. Not an incredibly well-known brand, but solid construction and a great value. $149 $125 shipped anywhere in the US.
NWT Brioni Estense Gray Velvet Blazer 42R. Purchased from Saks December 2014. Never been altered and sleeves unfinished. Comes with matching factory Brioni buttons to do so. Peak lapel and pick stitching. Size: 42 R (very trim though the midsection) Color: Gray Fabric: Velvet Small imprint from security tag on center vent. I spoke with a tailor and someone with Saks about it. Both said that it could be lifted via steam. Not very noticeable as is. See pictures. $599...
Salavatore Ferragamo Party 2 Calf Skin Loafers. Purchased new from Luca Bruno Due in Vail, Co. Worn only a handful of times. Small scuffs on left toe. Could use a polish. Color: Brown Size: 8 D (I wear an 8.5 D in AE and 8 D in Red Wing Boots) Price: $275 225 Shipped anywhere in the US.
Excellent condition black AE Delray split toe shoes. Could use a polish but no deep scuffs. Worn only a handful of times. Size: 8.5 D Color: Black $110 $100 Shipped anywhere in the US. Sold
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Gatsby? All time high school great besides Catcher In The Rye. But let's not go there. The Postman The Alchemist (novella I suppose) Gary Paulson books are sweet The House of The Scorpion Anything from John Grisham or Michael Crichton
Pretty sure you can get a macbook white in that price range now. If you aren't a mac fan, try a lenovo. You should be able to find an Ideapad in your price range. Great computers.
Quote: Originally Posted by ken Anyways, here's mine. I haven't broke down in 72 hours, at least. Bike looks awesome, man! And there is so much Triumph love around here it's making me insane! I need to get one ASAP.
Wrapping up a design job and heading down to the river to do some catfishing! Sweet!
Strange. Pushups are a pretty compound movement. Assuming you were performing them correctly (not lopsided), one side of your body should not have been trained more than the other. That leads me to think it's genetic. Targeting only the smaller muscles is much more inefficient and a bit stupid in this case, frankly. Unless you're interested in rehab, which isn't the problem. I'd suggest sticking to mainly compound movements. Try de-conditioning for a week...
Man, props to you for being able to pull that off. I feel like I would be called a greaser with that stuff in my hair. It looks awesome though. I'm not sure how you all view Crew products, but I'm a big fan of the forming cream and pomade. I can kind of get the same effect, but they are water-based, so they wash right out.
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