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Thank you!
Thinking about purchasing the McTavish in Dublin Cognac leather... Does anyone have any quality photos of them in action? Searched through the thread and didn't see much but maybe I missed it. Thanks for your help.
Has anybody had a pair of shoes re-soled/re-furbished by oakstreet? Bought a pair of boat shoes a couple of years ago and I am hoping to get them re-done after the summer. Thanks for the info.
Hey Mike, any updates on the unstructured sportcoats?? Really looking forward to picking one up...Thanks
Did anybody pick-up the Tobacco 130s Tropical Wool pants from the MTO section that can post a picture? Curious to see how that color looks when made into a complete trouser before I make the purchase. Thanks!
Gitman Vintage Size Large Blue Poplin Material (I believe) Worn Once Long Sleeve Button Down Collar Add $5 for shipping in USA...All other countries please ask in PM for shipping costs.
Nori Tropical Green Sold
Nori Tropical Green Sold
Unfortunately, I have never worn one of their blazers. Wish I could help you out. Maybe another user can chime in??
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