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Hey Mike, Any chance you can still post a pic of the EPLA sportcoat when you get a chance? Thanks in advance.
Not sure if this is allowed, but I am selling a bunch of Gitman Vintage shirts (size large) from the last year or so on ebay if anyone is interested. Started all of the auctions at 99 cents. Just thought I would give people that like the shirts the opportunity to buy them at a nice discount. If this is not allowed, please let me know so the post can be deleted. Thanks!
Does anybody have any experience with the Mojave Chukka?? Quality, comfort, fit, durability of the sole?? I am thinking about purchasing due to the current sale price. Looking for some thoughts and opinions. Thank you!
Trying to pick up the 9030 on Amazon ... Anybody have success using discount codes on Red Wing boots on the site?
Any body purchase the Mora 2.0 yet in Bourbon? I am really curious as to how these look in person. If anybody has seen them in person or could provide pictures that would be greatly appreciated.
Lavender Tattersall Sportcoat and Navy Hopsack Trousers
Mike -- Any idea when the next factory find trousers will be??
How much for the Mora 2.0 in Bourbon and a matching belt in Bourbon? Thanks!
Anybody purchase the Mora 2.0 yet?? Curious to get some feedback on them and would love to see some real life pictures. Thanks for the help!
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