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Thanks for the tips. That's why this forum is so great.
When you get to the point where one has to finally wash one's jeans, anyone have tips they can pass along to keep the darn things from getting creases in them?  Mine come out with these hella ugly creases all over the jeans.  I am doing something totally wrong? Thanks a lot.
Does anyone know how to check the authenticity of Polo Ralph Lauren shirts on Ebay? I went ahead and bought Polo Pink Pony shirt and I'm now waiting to receive it before I buy anything else. Thanks.
Awesome...thanks for the tip.
Howdy: Can anyone recommend a great after-market book/manual telling you all about the features an Ipod has? I'm very disappointed with the tiny manual that came with the Ipod itself. Thanks...
Ooohhfaaaa...that's one fugly coat--for $1 or for $3,400.
In the members' opinion, would a two-button, double-vented suit with peak lapels to too showy? Should I go with notch lapels instead? It would be with flat-front pants, too. I'm thinking of getting a nice black suit made in either, I think I have this correct, Super 110s or 120s. Thanks for the input. Y'all rock.
Anyone happen to know what kind of sunglasses "Harry" puts on right after the initial experiment goes wrong at Doc Ock's lab in Spiderman 2? They are black plastic with what looks like the perasol silver marking on the sides.
As a kinda-sorta newbie here, what store is H & K? Thanks.
I am addicted to the wealth of knowledge I consistantly find on this site.  So here's another question: I have decided to become a full-fledged adult and ditch the nylon jacket I used to wear with suits and finally get a decent black, wool topcoat.  Should I go for the double-breated with peak lapels or a single-breasted one with notch lapels?  All my suits are single and notched, so I was thinking double-breasted might mix it up a little.  Thoughts...?
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