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Frank Thornton, who played the part of Captain Peacock in "Are You Being Served?" has died. He always wore a stroller outfit for work.
Here is the proper home of Barbour: I used to work just along the road. I would occasionally visit the factory shop, as good bargains could sometimes be found - slight seconds, for example.
Perhaps pgmetcalf is having a joke at your expense...
Ha. You nearly had me there.
Is there a reason that this suit does not fit the model? Is there a reason for all three buttons to be fastened? Is it a deliberate policy of the designers?I can not believe that any clothes designer could possibly think that this looks good. Or is it just me?
I spent today watching a cricket match in County Durham, which is next door to Northumberland, and I can confirm that two coats, gloves, a hat, and long johns failed to keep the cold at bay.
The jackets in the photographs that you have linked to look, to me, like orphan jackets from a suit. They do not look like a conventional blazer. Sadly, the distinction between blazer and odd jacket is now being lost. Odd jackets and blazers are both fine, in the right circumstances, but I think there needs to be a good degree of contrast between jacket and trousers. As I'm located on the east side of the Atlantic, I'm afraid that I...
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