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Sorry if this is old news but I haven't been on here in ages. I just got an email from APC saying that they have discontinued the Rescue model? WTF is that about? They were the last "proper" (in my eyes anyway) fitting jeans. I'm not exactly a big guy but even New Standards look stupid as f**k on me. I'm truly pissed at this. Has anyone any ideas of anything similar? I know the Samurai 5000VX (?) are a bit more relaxed but I don't have that kind of doe to drop.
Just bought a new pair if DBs in Beeswax and they're kind of tight at the front pushing my little toes inwards. I've had to wrap them in plasters which has helped. I remember having this problem with a pair of Redwing Chukkas and they never did stretch. I was wondering if these stretch over time? The fit probably doesn't suit my feet but they're just too good looking on. I'd like to push trough the pain if possible.
Size 9. Worn twice for about an hour in total. £40 + PP Size 9.5. Slightly darker shade. Worn 3 times for about 3 hours in total. £30 + PP Ended up with the Desert Trek. These just didn't fit right. Took a big hit with customs. Both pairs cost £190 including fees:eh:
I bought a size 10 a few weeks a go and they're too big. Thing is I have to order from the US so no chance of trying them on. I don't know if I should size down 1/2 or 1 full size. I usually take a 9 1/2 in the suede models but these seem to fit bigger. Is there much a a difference in size as you go down in half's? There's about 2cm space at the front of the boot from my toe.
Thanks. I'm heading to NYC in a few weeks for a holiday . I live in Ireland so I'm hoping to bring a couple of pairs back. The last pair I bough off Amazon but the sizing is so hard. I ended up with a 9.5 and they're about a full size too big so I'd like to try an other few sizes on.
Anyone have any idea where I might pick up a pair in Beeswax in the New York area?
Clarks Desert Boots Beeswax Size 9.5 UK New in box. £70+PP
Does anyone know the colour code of the thread APC use for hemming?
I've had most repro's going and none really fit the bill to be honest. But these seem to have a more modern fit. Can't have the crazy high rise and saggy seat on most repro's.
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