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k, help me out Styleforum. I want to get some medium-grey boots with a rough / worn texture, something like these CCP's but without the CCP pointy toe. Slim silhouette like CCP or the back/double-zip Augusta's, not looking for a big toebox.
I thought the squarish toe would look kinda weird too but when I tried 'em on it wasn't really noticeable in perspective.. only when looking straight down from above.
Tried on these Incarnations at Archive in SF and they were really nice. Leather (Guidi) was really soft yet thick, and had a nice matte finish. Very comfortable - easy to walk and move your ankle around. Also liked the silhouette and the color. Gonna see what the price on these is in Japan.. guessing it'll be cheaper than the ~$1600 at Archive. Also checked out the A1923 Kudu's, which are one of my favorite designs. They didn't have my size but dayum that toebox...
Now down to 108,000 Yen / ~US$1056. Really awesome price for that jacket new IMO.
In my experience Viridi-Anne tops are fairly consistent size 3 = 48. I've owned shirts and a sweater and tried on a size 2 shirt in Japan that definitely felt like a 46.
KK Attachment long wool coat, $430 at Yoox in size 3 (48): http://www.yoox.com/us/41385017GN/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=41385017GN&sizeId=4
Although it's only 20% off retail, it's pretty rare to find this Kazuyuki Kumagai classic jacket discounted at all. Still a bargain at ~US$1300 IMO. Softest Guidi calfskin and amazing edge-to-edge construction (no folds). I love mine and wear it a lot. This one's size 3, which is a 48. http://item.rakuten.co.jp/re-oshare/067-201402211986/
The construction on those looks like it's improved a lot since the ones I bought (and returned) last year with the warped sole. They've also ditched the scuff-distressing look. In general I think 10 Sei 0 Otto is in a great price point for the value they offer. Hopefully their quality continues to go up but they keep their prices manageable.I will say the pair I tried on was not the most comfortable pair of boots though.. the leather was super stiff and since they were...
KK Attachment minimalist double rider in black for ~US$1000 on Gilt Japan. Size 3 (48). Leather looks a lot like the black Guidi leather on my jacket from Collateral Concepts. I'd love to buy this if I didn't already have way too many leather jackets https://www.gilt.jp/sales/70089257/looks/55071531
Price drop! Beautiful sweater from Label Under Construction, in dark grey printed with a light grey color on one side. Light wrinkling which gives it a cool texture and color variation. Like all LUC sweaters it's reversible, which gives a lot of flexibility for styling. Dark grey side has some cool lines where the light grey print comes through. 100% Alpaca - similar to wool but a bit softer and very warm. Great condition - no rips / pulls / stains. Fits a 46 or a...
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