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Johan has one in a light grey which looked pretty cool. He should post some more pics
Some baby calf Guidi's from an old SuFu ad.. nice creasing IMO
Might want to mention this jacket has a rubberized coating. Definitely a cool distinct look if you're into it, but good to know what you're getting into.
Since I've been having such bad luck moving up to a "baller" pair of boots I finally just caved and ordered a pair of F+B's in a dark grey nubuck. Won't post 'em here since they don't make the price cutoff though . I've also been trying to find a pair of laid-back but high quality shoes that I can wear with jeans, cords, etc. Something half way between a sneaker and a shoe. These look kinda cool IMO. Anyone heard of the brand "Sak" before?
LVR still has tons of Dior, but no 21cm's.
Anyone know where one can buy the 21cm cut online?
Nice ExAngel.. those definitely look good with some wear on 'em like you have. What pants BTW? mad stax
Would love to see a fit pic with these boots and a pair of jeans.
Daad-dantone kindly offered to take the 10 Sei 0 Otto boots with the sole defect back and pay for return shipping, so I guess that's what I'll do. They only had one in each size so I guess I'll have to buy it again from somewhere else though.
Got these 10 Sei 0 Otto boots yesterday. Pretty much exactly as they look in the photos. Leather is very thick; not too stiff but not soft either.. feels like they need a little bit of breaking in. No lining except in the front part of the boot, so your toes don't rub against the thick leather which is a not super smooth on the inside. Overall the construction seems OK, nothing like Augusta.. maybe on par with Officine Creative. Also, on my pair there seems to be a...
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