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I quite like the look of Guidi's when they're all wrinkled up. Seems like all the best wrinkled ones are in Japan though.. these recently sold on Yahoo jpn for ~$500
Looks like those old wrinkled kangaroo Augusta's are back on Yoox, despite being 'sold' on eBay for $950. Guess the guy who was trying to sell them on eBay ended up returning 'em to Yoox. For some perverse reason I enjoy following the saga of this particular pair of boots..
Sorry, had copied that from the original listing.. amended to 43 with a note about these being larger than the narrow-toe Augusta's in a 44.
Bought these Augusta's off a guy on SuFu (in person) and they were a bit large but I thought I could make 'em work with an insole. Still a bit too large after walking around a bunch, so they're up on B&S. Strangely these 43's are bigger than the 44's I tried on from LVR.. seems like Augusta sizing varies a lot based on the style of the boot. The narrow boots feel a lot smaller IMO. Horse leather on these is beautiful and very supple. These boots are extremely...
Beautiful soft horse leather on these, from artisan bootmaker Augusta / A1923. These boots are insanely comfortable.. the horse leather is very soft and pliable, and the cut isn't too narrow. Color is black with very subtle hints of brown when in sunlight. Very good condition, recently refurbished and had new rubber soles added. Heels still have some life left in 'em. Size 43 - these feel quite roomy compared to other Augusta's (I tried on a pair of narrow-toe 44's...
Plus infinity to swag, lol. great writeup
Anyone know what's up with the silver patches on those new Augusta's? Don't see 'em on the Darklands version.. wondering if maybe it's black over silver?
Love the look of those Augusta's. Any more details or photos of them?
Looks great. I'd love to hear how these break in for you.. they seemed crazy stiff in store.
I like the color on these CCP's, but are they reverse on one shoe and regular on the other?
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