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Very nice soft dense cotton with roll hem. Two tone panels in dark grey and black on the shoulders. 100% cotton. Brand new condition, never washed. Bought this on ebay but it's a bit too big for me. Measurements: Shoulder seam to seam is 44cm chest, pit-to-pit is 52cm length from shoulder seam to end of sleeve is 73cm overall length is also 73cm $300 Now $270 shipped in CONUS. International shipping based on quoted rates.
Looks really great NicelyNice. Like the scarf too.
Interesting color on these Guidi's from Rakuten.. seems like maybe it was pure white originally and the dye got worn off?
Looks like whoever bought those ancient white Kangaroo Augusta's off Yoox is now trying to get $1500 for them on ebay. Leather looks terrible.. all crinkled and mishappen.
To the dude getting married in the desert, I think you are on the right track there. The thin soles and unlined leather seem appropriate for a hot, natural climate. I'd stay away from the thick chunky soles and boots that are the normal stuff of this thread . I'd even suggest going further into sandal territory in the high end brands. Maybe some Guidi slippers? Or a woven version if you wanna go real crazy
Yeah those definitely caught my eye.. leather looks pretty soft. I'll definitely check 'em out when they come in.
Pretty good recommendation! However I'm 99% sure those are the same model I bought & returned to LVR because they had the skinny toe shape. Can't really see it from the side unfortunately: Sorry.. I know these kind requests ("I want a boot like x, with y too, but not with z") are almost always impossible, so in the interest of the thread it's probably best to ignore my first-world problems..
Speaking of slim profile boots, I really like the slim toebox like these Augusta's, as well as the shape from top-down (not too skinny/CCP-esque). Wish I could find something like this that wasn't quite so tall, and was relatively comfortable. When I tried these ones on at H Lorenzo they were mega stiff. Ohya, and in black, grey, or brown . The 10 Sei 0 Otto's are the closest I've seen but they don't have as good quality construction or leather as Augusta. Some...
I'd say the answer is generally yes, they're cheaper in Japan. Every store I've seen that carries those brands outside Japan has a pretty big markup on them over Japanese retail. Best bet if you know exactly what you want is to proxy from Japan or find it on Rakuten / Yahoo Japan.However there are sometimes stores outside Japan that have good sales which brings prices down below Japanese retail. I bought an Attachment leather from Project 3,14 in Russia for ~30% off...
What type of leather on this 5-zip? Looks kind of matte, which is cool.. haven't seen a matte 5-zip since the lamb one I returned (had a rubberized coating).
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