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Really dig the color on these A1923's from Loom-Osaka, where they're sold out of course.. anyone seen 'em anywhere else?
Bought these size 43 WJK Carpe repro's off B&S here and as it turns out I am a 42 (at least in WJK's interpretation of Carpe sizing). So if anyone's looking for a very nice Carpe repro at a very non-baller price hit me up. The leather on these is quite nice.. thick black cow leather with a soft white leather lining. I normally wear a 43 in MMM / 44 in Guidi and these fit about 1/2 - 1 size larger, depending on whether you like to add an insole. Already vibrammed and...
Thanks for the advice (Eck also advised not sizing down due to the instep). Back to Lien for a second, here are the Lien back-zips I was thinking of bidding on. Guidi calf reverse in a single piece of leather. Maybe someone in a 42 might be interested.. currently at ~$100 on Yahoo JPN but I'm sure they'll go for much higher given they already have 17 bids. Originally >US$1000 when they came out (or ~$900 now due to the depreciation of the...
Anyone (maybe NicelyNice again? ) have any idea how WJK C-Diem repro's fit? Normaly wear a 43, but considering these 42's, which say say they have an outsole of 32cm, which seems long for a 42..
Block-print t-shirt from high-end Japanese streetwear label Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment. Awesome design, raw-edge hem, goes great with black jeans, just a bit too big on me. Size 2, which is usually a 46 in KKA, but this one fits a 48 loosely, 50 regular fit. New with tags, never worn. Sold out at The Archive SF ($230 retail, $140 on sale). Measurements: Chest: 21" Length: 27.5" $100 --> $80 + $5 shipping to CONUS. International shipping based on quoted rates.
Anyone know the sizing on Lien back-zip ankle-boots? Pair I'm looking at say 42 but with an outsole of 32cm. Size 43's I own usually run 31.5cm or so, so maybe these fit large? (hopefully?) This pair:
Ok, time for a little reminiscing. What are the ones that got away? What are those pieces of footwear (or clothing, since this thread has had some nice forays into clothing lately) that you had a chance to get but didn't and forever wish you had? Or something you sold but later wished you hadn't? Speaking of linen-over-leather, for me it's these A1923 linen-over-leather side-zips. At the time I thought the toe was a bit too narrow and the style maybe a bit too edgy,...
I wanna live in NN's world, where you can own a garden in Japan, go scuba diving for fun, and buy new baller boots and clothes every week. Didn't you also say you were looking for work? Cut us in on some of those lottery winnings dude. You and Eck and Eton should start a "Official ballers only thread - 500k USD min yearly earnings or comparable trust fund"
Looks great NN
I think I started that discussion but it was mainly just from looking at the new ones compared to some old pics I had (which coincidentally look just like those in that listing ). From everyone who has actually owned the various dual-zips, like yourself, it seems like the new ones are much more comfortable. Just wish they could get that comfort with a slimmer toebox . Might require much softer leather though, so you wouldn't get those nice thick folds.
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