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Here's a fit pic I posted in WAYWT.. jeans are Drkshdw Berlin, black coated, although they wore out super fast and are now getting $80 worth of repairs at a specialty shop. I opened up the hems like RO does on some of their other models.. kinda like the frayed hem over boots.Also, your pics of that llama jacket look awesome. Really curious to hear what it feels like / how it fits. Is llama stiff, like horse?
lol, awesome.
Speaking of 21cm's.. does anyone know where to buy them these days? I can't find them anywhere. Even called a couple Dior stores (LA, NYC) and neither had any. Nor does Saks or Barneys. None on LVR either.
I have some 21cm's and they're way slimmer than that. I'm guessing they only had those really large sizes (only 36 and 38 are available) so they had to shoot the model wearing a size way too large for him.
Nice haul! Would love to see a fit pic of that llama jacket.
Yep, that's me in the pic. I'm ~6 feet, 155 lbs.
Thanks for all the feedback, SF! I certainly agree the textures are all a bit too similar, as is the color tone.
The proportions on that pic are pretty accurate. I'm about 6' tall. And yeah I have some slimmer cut jeans but I find when you have slim boots + slim jeans + slim jacket you kind of lose any variation on the silhouette. Plus those drkshdw's are just damn comfortable. Too bad they're falling apart though.. probably the worst-wearing denim I've ever had.. even at 50% off retail it's a travesty. Gonna take 'em to a denim repair shop on the weekend.
It's made from old military tent canvas from the 50's apparently. Certainly is thick, and you can see some of the original seams on some panels.
Label Under Construction Viridi-Anne Drkshdw Hollywood Trading Company
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