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If you have any retailers in your town that carry Guidi I'd definitely recommend trying some on.. sizing is definitely 1-1.5 sizes larger, but also for the shape.. if you look at the sole it's quite wide and straight on the sides and ends in a pretty wide toe, so if you're used to boots with a slimmer / more shaped silhouette these will be quite different. At least that was my experience with Guidi.. the leather was great quality but the shape just didn't do it for me...
Cordovan back-zips from Incarnation. Mighty thick sole on these.. dunno about the squarish toe though.. Also available in grey: Link to store Blog post with more pics
Dang those ST3's are awesome. Just the toebox I've been looking for in the dual-zip. Can you still get this last from A1923 anywhere?
Yeah.. tough environment for this kinda gear.. in LA being dressed-up is wearing a t-shirt without a logo.
Beautiful story NN. I love the irony of turning excess consumption into unexpected kindness. On the much-cheaper-than-MM side of things, I just picked up these WJK Carpe repro's from Japan and they fit really well. Outer is inky black suede that's super thick, inner is the trademark soft white leather lining. Feel like these would do really well in cold weather. Build quality is awesome.. Japanese still really know craftsmanship. I also like the slim silhouette. ...
@gettoasty That's a current photo (post re-conditioning et al). It's still a great jacket, just not quite as shiny / not as much luster as it had originally; it's more matte now. I'm a slim 48, and the jacket is now a 46.. so it just fits over a t-shirt, but not much else.
Also, speaking of brown leathers, here's my sad brown leather story (apologies if this comes off as self-serving given the B&S listing below, but there is some useful info IMO). TL,DR: don't dry-clean your leather jacket. Full story: I bought a really nice brown leather jacket from KK Attachment. Guidi calfskin, super soft. Then it got a water stain on it (stupid of me to leave it on the back of a chair near the kitchen). I took it to the dry cleaner, who sent it out...
That looks great NN. Wonder why you didn't just have the belt removed.
WJK version of the classic Carpe Diem side-zip design in black cow leather. These are really well made. Nice thick black leather with a soft white leather lining. Cool custom zipper pulls. Already vibrammed by the original owner and barely worn. A bit too big on me so I just found a pair in 42. From the official baller footwear thread: "Is WJK licensed to recreate Carpe Diem? Yes. Does he use a Carpe Diem last? Yes. Are they exactly the same? No." Size fits...
They look similar, but also a bit different
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