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Nice haul! Would love to see a fit pic of that llama jacket.
Yep, that's me in the pic. I'm ~6 feet, 155 lbs.
Thanks for all the feedback, SF! I certainly agree the textures are all a bit too similar, as is the color tone.
The proportions on that pic are pretty accurate. I'm about 6' tall. And yeah I have some slimmer cut jeans but I find when you have slim boots + slim jeans + slim jacket you kind of lose any variation on the silhouette. Plus those drkshdw's are just damn comfortable. Too bad they're falling apart though.. probably the worst-wearing denim I've ever had.. even at 50% off retail it's a travesty. Gonna take 'em to a denim repair shop on the weekend.
It's made from old military tent canvas from the 50's apparently. Certainly is thick, and you can see some of the original seams on some panels.
Label Under Construction Viridi-Anne Drkshdw Hollywood Trading Company
After trying a couple baller brands (Guidi, Augusta) and not having any success, I finally gave up and started searching for more pedestrian fare. For some reason the baller stuff doesn't seem to suit my style, which I guess is trying to be edgy/casual since I work in a very casual environment (jeans/t-shirts/sneakers). I truly appreciate the style of CCP, Layer 0, MA+, etc., but if I'm dropping tons of money on something I want to be able to wear it fairly...
Yeah I bought one and returned it.. it's thin lambskin with a thick rubberized coating. Doesn't really feel like leather at all. But the cut and matte look is nice. I'd buy it for $500..
Cool polo design from BoO with high-contrast reverse seams and a chest pocket on the inside. Left breast has a tiny printed text which reads "((LOGO))". Dark blue color. Good condition, no rips/tears/stains. Worn/washed a dozen times or so; some fading on the collar. This shirt is made from a high quality Japanese pima cotton that is very durable. Made in Japan. Nice slim fit on a size 48. p2p: 20" shoulders: 17" length: 24" $50 Now $35 shipped in CONUS. ...
Rare polo shirt from Band of Outsiders with full color print of a a classic 60's surf shot from photographer LeRoy Grannis. Very slim cut and cropped hem. Size small but I would say this fits a 46 (I'm a 48 and this is a bit too snug on me). Great condition, no rips/tears/stains. Only worn/washed twice. p2p: 18.75" shoulders: 17" length: 22.5" MSRP was ~$350. Selling for $125 shipped in CONUS. International shipping based on quoted rates. Paypal add 4% or 0% for...
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