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Also, Glenn boot is finally on sale at paulsmith.co.uk - only 30% off though, and only in black (sizes 6 / 7 / 9UK left): http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/shop/paul-smith-mens-shoes-390/paul-smith-shoes-glenn-boot-sexc-h022-vtg-n3/product.html Shipping is $10 to the US, but expect sales tax if they have a store in your state.. CA gets dinged for a big 9.25%.
Bloomingdales in my area was doing 40% + 15% (if you use your Bloomingdales card) on John Varvatos today. Also had some F+B boots at 25% + 15% off (Eta, Elios, and some other model), and a nice Officine Creative brogue boot. They also had OC laceless oxfords on their discount rack + another 40% off whatever the discounted price was.
MyHabit has John Varvatos Six-o-Six boots for $249 (MSRP $700): I'm not a big fan of the style but people here seem to say good things about 'em.
7.75" (Imperial Duke size 30)
I wear the Elf's with practically everything.. they're very understated and go with anything pretty much. They work pretty well with slim jeans/pants because they have a very slim profile.Here's a pic of 'em worn with jeans. Might be able to find some kind of close up pic later:
I've bought two pairs of F+B's at full price and I would say they were worth it, but only because I wear them a lot and they fit my style well. Like any quality brand with a high sticker price, it's usually only worth at full price it if it's really the thing for you and you'll get good use out of it.F+B seems to always have the same base models like the 709, 745, Elf, the buckle boot (whatever it's called), and a couple new boots every year.In terms of long term wear,...
The archive SF has 30% off Fall / Winter 2011: http://archivesf.com/2011/12/fallwinter-2011-sale-30-off/ Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to browse only the sale stuff (that I can find) - have to browse by designer or category it seems. Lots of pricey StyleZeitgeist stuff like Boris Bidjan, Attachment, Viridi-Anne, etc. Also, the SF ladies shop Downtown (which I guess is related to Archive?) has a "unisex" section with some items at the same 30%...
For what it's worth, I saw that RO jacket at the Fred Segal sale back in October (think it was?) and the leather was really rough, kinda plasticky.
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