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Stumbled across this sale at some store called Atticus when searching for Relwen.. they have one of the shawl sweaters that was on Gilt today.. not quite as cheap though: http://atticusshop.com/men/men-sale/ Terrible pics at this store:
Luisaviaroma.com sent me a coupon code code 20% off their already 50% off sale items - TOP20EXT1. Says it's valid 'with your registed email account' until Jan 18, so you may have to register or already be registed to use it, dunno.
James Perse has 50% off lots of generic t-shirts/polos/thermals/etc. Are these ridiculously overpriced or is it just me? ENZO PRINT GRAPHIC SWEATSHIRT $165.00 marked down to $82.50 http://www.jamesperse.com Ohya.. you have to create an account and click on 'Private Sale' at the top to get in.
There are a ton of fur shops on 29th and 30th between & 7th & 8th ave that do their own custom shearling coats, they might be willing to do some alterations for you.
Up to 70% off at Brownsfashion (UK). Although not on the pair of Dior jeans I was gonna order.. http://www.brownsfashion.com/brownsfashionalt/sale.htm Thought this Lanvin jacket was kinda cool: Note that you get VAT back when ordering to the US (15%), but depending on the order total this might not cover shipping, which is 25 pounds, or ~US$38.
I bought a pair of cashmere slim guys a long time ago in 30 and wish I'd gone for 29. I usually wear a 30 and the slim guys felt snug when I tried them on, but they stretched out a lot later on and ride pretty low now without a belt.
30% off on euro designer stuff at Giglio.com with XMAS10. Nothing I'm into but I bought a jacket there a while ago so they send me a code. Beware you'll have to pay duty though, it's not prepaid.
Got the Spurr's today.. the color was good but the fit was too tight. I usually wear a 30 and sometimes 29, but these suckers were TIGHT on the thighs. Guess I'm a 31 in Spurr. The name of these on the tag was Pipe Leg Non-Selvedge Green. 13.5 oz. Ohya, and inseam was only 32".. too short for me. Too bad though.. the quality of the denim looked nice, hardware was good with hidden rivets et al. I emailed BiG BTW and they said the Somet 043's were a limited...
Thanks for the Spurr recommendation. Just ordered a pair of these.. on sale at YOOX for $75. Are they raw? Dunno.. but for $6 returns it seems worth trying. http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/SPURR+...C/sts/sr_men80 Hope the inseam's long enough though.. looks a little short on the shot from the rear.
Those Somets look great.. I'll email BiG and see if they can get any more. Nothing on rakuten.
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