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KK Attachment Leather hoodie:
Awesome! Is the worn one yours? Where did you get it / how much?
Saw these MA+ boots on ebay and thought they looked interesting.. don't see a lot of boots made from a single piece of leather. The opening at the back looks pretty chilly in cold weather though..
I gather this forum is not much into hooded leather jackets but I picked up one recently that I thought was pretty good, so here are some pics. It's from a japanese brand called Gene par Yukio Mishiba. It's made from deerskin, and is very soft. It has some distressing which looks a lot more extreme in the pics - the actual jacket looks much darker in real life so the distressing comes off a bit more subtle (see last two pics). Stock pics: And one pic of my own,...
Bought this off another SF member and it's a beauty, but unfortunately the sleeves are too short for me. The whisky calf leather on this is fantastic.. beautiful depth and dimensionality. Craftsmanship is that famous TOJ quality. Condition is 9 or even 10/10.. no visible wear. Only pricing this slightly higher than retail ($785) since it's basically brand new, this leather is no longer available, and that's what I paid . If you want the darker whisky leather though,...
Hope you guys are ready for a whole lot of whisky pics! I bought PDinh's Collared Moto in Medium Whisky calf, which is a really beautiful jacket. Unfortunately the arms are a bit short for me, and it's a just a bit too slim when zipped so I'm probably gonna put it on B&S (size 46 BTW), but first some nice high res pics of that famous TOJ quality: These pics are in sunlight so you can see the nice depth that the leather has. Last pic is in shade just to show the...
Yeah I think it's a flat-rate they charge on any shipment to the US, cause the weight said 0.00kg and charge was the same 50 euros. Pretty pricey shipping but since the jacket I bought was heavily discounted it seemed worth it. Probably not worth it on orders of a few hundred or less though.
Thanks, some really interesting stuff there. I ordered the japanese deerskin hoodie for 70% off. Hope it works out, thanks again for the sale tip!
This is F+B's best model IMO, the 'elf', with a super soft wrinkled leather exterior and an equally soft tan leather lining. They have a really slim silhouette so they work well with slim cut pants/jeans (fit pic is with Dior 21cm's). This pair is from a few years back (bought off ebay) and IMO are higher quality than the current black Elf which I recently handled at Barney's. (It felt much stiffer and the stacked heels were really rough, not smoothly cut). This pair...
Can you post a pic of your wool 5-zip? Sounds interesting
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