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Maybe he's talking about how they're treated.. it definitely feels different from most soft leathers, more of a surface sheen to it maybe? Or maybe it's cause elk has more of a grain to it? Dunno.. but I will say it is a lot more flexible and comfortable than some of my other leather boots. They also use the same leather for the lining as they do for the outer, which isn't too common.
I have a pair of Shoto's and they fit 1 size large.. I usually wear a 10/44 and I wear a 9 in Shoto. They like using elk skin which they do some funky treatments on.. has a nice look to it, and it's super soft. Construction quality seems quite good (though I haven't worn them a ton) and the vibram sole is great. Only downside for me is they're not very slim.. more of a semi-chunky style, a bit like those Wolverine or Red Wings.Another Shoto boot that had some...
Unfortunately Gilt shipped me the wrong boot.. they sent some dark brown suede side-zips instead - in this model:So the moto one is on the wait-list.. doubt it'll turn up though.
Really nice. You've probably answered this before, but what kind of jeans and boots?
Margiela 5-zip.. never been a big fan but maybe it was just all the awful pics on Yoox. Looks pretty good here IMO.
Gotta say I go the opposite with n.d.c. boots myself.. size up. I wear a 9 in Alden and a 43.5 in F+B (or 44 with an insole), and I sized down to 42 on a pair of n.d.c. boots I ordered from Gilt. They fit perfectly, and I could even fit the insole in 'em comfortably.
That jacket looks like a pretty generic moto that you can find anywhere. If you want a quality one, try TOJ.As for hooded leather jackets.. here are a couple I think are kinda nice (and way too expensive). Although they are more akin to leather hoodies than jackets IMO(japanese brand "wjk")(japanese brand "az")
Your ad says 30x34 but your pics show 28x32..
Cool, glad to hear it worked out for you. I saw this on the product page "Unfortunately we are not able to ship this product outside of the United Kingdom.", but I guess they allow other European countries? They won't let you ship that to the U.S.
KitAkira, you seem to be quite knowledgeable about where to buy PS online. What stockists do you usually check come sale time? I've only ever seen a couple that sell PS online in North America (Tobi, ssense).
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