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Here's the heritage Mercer:Does look a bit dark - usually product shots are a lot lighter than the item looks in person unless you're out in bright sunlight.Here's one from MOMA that looks kind of interesting.. almost a medium brown, and pretty clean, slim design. Not sure where to buy 'em though.. the few e-tailers I've seen that carry MOMA only seem to have a few of their older models.
Thanks.. yeah I looked at those - but again, they're suede! . No one seems to be making quality slim leather boots in a medium brown leather.
And now the question: Where can I find a *slim* side-zip or chelsea boot in medium brown with a nice patina, not too dressy? I'd love a cut like Fiorentini+Baker Elf (which I have a pair of, but only ever seem to come out in Suede or dark leathers): But in this kind of color: Seems simple, right? But yet there don't seem to be any options..
Before I ask the requisite "where can I find a shoe/boot like x" question I thought I'd post some content of my own: Officine Creative suede brogue boots: Picked these up at Bloomingdales a couple months back when they were having a big sale. I like 'em so far. Build quality is great and it's hard to find a boot with a light colored sole that isn't too dressy. They have some nice subtle distressing.
Bloomingdales has some pretty good sales going on now. In the shoe dept, it's 20% off if you buy 2 pairs, plus $25 off every $100 up to $400, PLUS $15 on every $100 on a gift card ("bmoney" which is only valid next week though). They have some pretty good brands that rarely go on sale. I bought a pair of Officine Creative suede brogue boots that were pretty nice, and a pair of Fiorentini + Baker sneaker-boots. (The F+B Elf's in black suede were also in stock, and those...
Though I'm not a huge fan of washed leather, thought this one was kinda nice. I bought a shearling jacket from this brand on sale recently and the quality seems good.
Stumbled on these MMM's at some italian e-store. Kinda like the distressed effect 60% off if you're a size 43..
Tried on a pair of these today - Marc by Marc Jacobs uniform fit jeans. Pretty nice color IMO, and fit wasn't bad.. kind of like the N&F WeirdGuy but a little wider in the hem. $188 retail felt a little steep for a brand you see on sale a lot though Rest of pics at ssense (sold out): link
For those in the NYC area, Hotoveli in the West Village has 50 - 70% off a lot of their stock right now. Some Lanvin, Rick Owens, a bit of Mcqueen, and lots of Stone Island stuff that I'm not too fond of. Nice selection overall though. I picked up a nice shearling jacket there today for 70% off from an Italian label called Giorgio Brato Store website (no actual info on their inventory/sales, just some generic designer info): http://www.hotoveli.com/
Bump for a great seller. Bought the jacket from jlax and he shipped it next day, priority mail. Thanks again!
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